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Essential Salon Equipment to Start a Beauty Business From Home

Did you know that the salon industry makes more than $20 billion every single year? Yes, you read that right!

Dreaming of opening up your very own beauty salon from home? Here is a breakdown of some of the essential salon equipment you need!

Beauty Beds and Hairstyling Chairs

So, you want to start your own salon business but aren’t sure where to begin. First of all, you’re probably going to want to invest in hair styling chairs. These are the most important and most basic salon equipment pieces you can possibly purchase.

That being said, make sure that all the chairs in your salon will match your interior decor well. Since they come in a wide range of models, ensure that the model that you choose has an adjustable mechanism that can let your customer modify its height. Also, investing in chairs with flexible backs is highly recommended.

What’s another important piece of beauty salon equipment, you ask? The answer is simple – beauty beds.

Pro tip: Prioritize functionality over looks when it comes to buying beauty and facial beds too!

Salon Bowls and Hair Processors

For starters, hair steamers and hair processors are utilized in many different services offered in beauty salons, including:

  • Deep conditioning
  • Color treatments
  • Texturizing treatments

In addition to this, hair processors and steamers are wonderful for providing extra moisture to your client’s hair strands, which can lead to the appearance of a healthier head of hair. When buying your first hair processor or steamer, be sure to pick models that come with several temperature settings and timers for ultimate convenience.

Also, shampoo bowls are special products made for conditioning and cleansing your client’s hair at your home salon. Keep in mind that the amount of shampoo bowls you have in your salon should be based on the amount of chairs that you have at your home salon. Be sure to purchase at least one shampoo bowl for every couple of styling chairs you have.

Salon Hair Carts and Trolleys

Hint: Investing in the utility cart is another great idea!

As a matter of fact, hair salon carts and trolleys are essential for stylists everywhere. Not only can they function as compartments or containers for additional tools and supplies, but they can also help you perform your job more effectively as well.

Since hairstylists are constantly moving around the customers when creating hair treatments, these “tools of the trade” should be kept on deck every day. Besides, keeping your supplies and tools in the same place can help you to complete your job faster and simpler than ever!

Stock up on Salon Equipment Today

Ready to stock up on salon equipment yet?

It may be difficult to purchase every piece of equipment at first, but investing in quality salon chairs, shampoo bowls, and utility carts is a great start!

Want to learn more business tips? Please check out the rest of our blog right now!

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