Draw the Eye: 7 Great Store Design Ideas


    The environment and structure of your store play an essential role in influencing a customer to look around and make a purchasing decision. It’s essential to know that the first impression matters, especially in the retail business. That’s because a first impression could mean a lost sale or getting a new customer.

    When looking around for store design ideas, ensure you choose a design that delivers the best graphic representation of your products. This may also mean that you will need a visual design and merchandising strategy.

    Below are great tips to help you come up with a great store design for your retail business:

    1. Use Your Target Client’s Psychographic Information

    Creating an effective product display and visual merchandising design for your store requires a deeper understanding of your target clients. This means going deeper than the general demographic data, such as education, income, and age.

    Ensure you dig deeper and look into their psychographic information. Get to understand more about their lifestyles, hobbies, and other factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

    The best way to find this information is by going through the available customer data on your sales system. Start by looking at any information the customer shares at the point of sale and other older historical data.

    2. Get Some Inspiration

    Thanks to the internet, there are many sources of inspiration for individuals looking to spice up their store designs. Before you settle for one particular display design, skim through the different storefront resources to help you create an eye-catching display.

    You can use applications and sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Smart Retailer, and Design retail online for inspiration. Go through as many pictures as possible and find a functional, stylish design that ties in with the theme of the store. Whether you’re looking for small grocery store design ideas or launching a small clothing store, you will always find inspiration online.

    3. Focus on All Other Senses

    When launching a store, most retailers often focus on the visual look of their product display and the entire store, forgetting to focus on the other senses. The key to creating a practical experience in your retail store is understanding sensory branding. Ensure you engage all the five senses a client has to create an unforgettable experience.

    Starting with the music you play at the store, to the scent in your store. When creating a playlist for your store, keep in mind your target customers and their preferences in music. Additionally, remember also to allow your customers the ability to test and feel out your products.

    4. Try and Be Bold

    When looking for the best store design ideas, try taking a bold approach. The bottom line is to get the visitors to your store to react by interacting with your store’s products or sharing photos and videos of your store on their social media pages.

    Being bold in your colors and design choices may eventually lead to customers making a purchasing decision and attracting more people to the store. You can also try to bring the outdoors in by using plants and big, beautiful windows.

    5. Add Thought-Provoking Signage

    Adding interesting signage will help you better departmentalize and group your store’s products. This will tell your target customers how the products are created and inform them about any discounts and promotions on display.

    You can also use digital signage to share different messages with the customers in your store. Digital signage uses LCD screens, plasma displays, and LED lights to display graphic and textual messages.

    You can use digital signage on window displays, digitized menu boards, counter displays, and point-of-purchase displays. This helps you share up-to-date information with your clients, improve your store’s aesthetic appeal, and boost your brand’s visibility, increasing sales.

    6. Improve the Store’s Lighting

    You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars designing your store. Simple alterations, such as improving your store’s lighting, could significantly impact the store’s design. According to a study, over 50% of consumers have turned away from a store because it looked dingy, dark, or dirty.

    Boosting the store’s lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your products stand out. Start by changing your light bulbs. With time, bulbs tend to age, changing the quality of light they give off. Instead of the bright white or yellow light, older bulbs often give a dull brownish light.

    Many retail business owners often overlook the importance of lighting to their business. Customers prefer shopping in well-lit stores because they can easily assess the color and quality of the products on display. You can use track lighting, spotlighting, up-lighting, and Edison lights to focus customer attention on certain products or promotions.

    7. Use the Store’s Theme as a Guide

    A well-designed store isn’t just about attractive displays and beautiful visual merchandising. It’s more about creating an experience for your store’s visitors by marrying different components of your store.

    When considering simple store design ideas, you can use the store’s theme as a guide. Ensure that the displays, shelves, and window designs match the shop’s overall branding, décor, and style. Make it an important point to think of the bigger picture and use your customer’s infographic information to craft a retail design that leaves an important impression on the customers.

    Use the Above Store Design Ideas

    From the first time a client walks into your store, your interior décor and visual design will be the first thing that attracts their attention. This gives customers the first impression of your store and helps them decide whether to stay longer, make a purchase or leave.

    Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your store’s sales, and attract more customers, ensure you use the above store design ideas to improve your store’s layout and display.

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