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Best online slots payout rates

There are a variety of reasons why players select an online slot, perhaps the most common is the payout rate – play Vikings Go Wild slot. Some question whether this is an effective strategy. 

Should you Play Based on Payout Rates? 

While there are a lot of factors that players should consider when deciding whether to play an online slot, the payout rate of a slot is something which should always be considered. As most people play online slots for money, the payout rate can help you decide whether you are going to win or lose money on the slot. Playing for entertainment is certainly something which many players do but playing with the best odds in your favour is perhaps the most fun way to play online slots. Although the very best payouts will always be on progressive jackpot slots, there is very little chance that players will be able to claim the prize. Players should always look at the potential payout rate of a slot before playing it, generally anything with an RTP over 95% is considered above average. 

What is RTP and Volatility? 

Working out the RTP and volatility of a slot is important when trying to find out what the payout rate is เว็บสล็อต PG. Unfortunately, for newer players these terms can sometimes be a little confusing. 

  •     RTP stands for return to player and it is essentially a term that describes how much return a player can expect to see from a slot over a period of time. It is depicted in the form of a percentage and it generally sits around 95%. However this percentage can vary from slot to slot with some games having an RTP as high as 99%!
  •     Volatility is a term used to describe how much risk is involved with a slot. For instance, if a slot is said to be highly volatile, this means that there is a huge risk when playing the slot as it will not payout on a frequent basis although when it eventually does payout it will provide a large amount.

Online Slots with Best Payout Rates 

Though payout rates aren’t everything, players are certainly advised to check the payout rate of a slot before choosing to play it. Below are some of the very best online slot payout rates. 

  1. Monopoly Big Event. This slot was developed by Barcrest and takes its inspiration from the beloved and long running board game. This slot has a massive RTP of 99%! Promising nice payouts to players, all they need to do is use the special side bets feature to get this high RTP.
  2.  Tropic Reels. With a fun and colourful jungle theme, this slot developed by Playtech is well loved for its payout potential thanks to it’s high RTP of 98.85%. The key to success in this slot is to not jump in but to use the symbols wisely. 

In Summary 

Online slots with the best payout rates are often enticing for players and for good reason. These slots often reward players the most with cash prizes.

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