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    Microsoft Word is among the most widely utilized software programs. It is safe to say that users cannot create most of their documents without using this software. The basic yet incredibly useful of all the tools you need from Microsoft Office Suite is MS Word. 

    However, like other file formats, Microsoft Word comes with its set of cons and downfall. For instance, your Word document can be distorted once accessed from another device. The worst situation is you, or the recipient of the file, cannot open it. Now it calls for conversion, converts your Word file to PDF, and prevents such issues from taking place. Read on and learn why and how you can transform your MS Word file into a PDF

    Why You Need to Convert MS Word to PDF 

    Eliminate the inconvenience mentioned above by converting Word to PDF. The Portable File Format is a more standardized file extension. Thus, access would never be a problem. You can view it easily through a variety of software. So, if you intend to secure access through any various devices, convert Word to PDF. GogoPDF is the best tool for this job.

    Another reason to consider the conversion of Word to PDF is file security. PDF files can be password protected. After you convert your Word file, you can also use GogoPDF for applying a code to it. 

    In addition to the reasons stated is file compression. With PDF, you can compress the size of your file. This compress comes with a lot of benefits, including easy sharing and maximizing your storage capacity. A compressed file consumes only a little space on your device storage. 

    GogoPDF: Word to PDF Converter 

    GogoPDF is a web-based tool that offers a wide variety of utilities for file management. Among these utilities is the file conversion tool. The conversion performance ensures a hassle-free process. Thus, making you more productive at home, in school, and at the workplace. 

    Convert Word to PDF using GogoPDF easily. It does not only provide you with time-saving conversion, but most importantly, it produces the highest quality available for your modified file. Additionally, GogoPDF utilizes a cross-web and cross-platform functions. These functions enable the user to open and navigate this converter on any operating system like Microsoft, Mac, or Linux. Moreover, you can view and utilize GogoPDF using different platforms or devices. 

    Another essential feature of GogoPDF is SSL encryption. Due to this, safety and confidentiality are secured as you transfer or process your file. GogoPDF takes your concern for safety and sense of security seriously. 

    Furthermore, GogoPDF observes the data and privacy policies. Within 60 minutes, all uploaded and edited files are deleted from the server. 

    Convert your Word files into PDF

    Search for the GogoPDF in your web browser. Once you landed on the page, look for the right tool you would like to use. In this case, you need the conversion tool. Click the tab that says “Word to PDF.” 

    Afterwards, you can upload your desired document quickly. You have two options for this part. First, you can export it from your device or drag it directly to the conversion toolbox. Be patient and wait for the process to complete, and it will only take less than a minute. Once the conversion finishes, you can save your newly converted file. 

    Either you download it and save it into your device or save it into google drive or your cloud. GogoPDF also allows you to share your converted files through email or by copying the URL it provides. 

    See how straightforward and user–friendly GogoPDF is. Moreover, you do not need to worry. It is free of charge. If you want to enjoy more of its features, they offer premium subscriptions. 

    Question: Is it possible to change a PDF file to Word format? 

    Yes. GogoPDF can also help you do this revised process. Convert PDF to Word file using GogoPDF. The steps are the same as converting a Word file to a PDF file.

    Other Features of GogoPDF 

    GogoPDf does not only come in handy with Word to PDF conversion. You can also use it to turn PDF into PNG. Such will help you when you need to integrate a pdf file in a trademark or picture. This tool can help you produce a high–quality png. 

    The same with other utilities it provides—converting PDF to PNG is quick and straightforward. Upload your file; then, the tool will scan the PDF file and extract it.


    Microsoft office is a handy tool in creating a document and transcribing data. You cannot discard its purpose when talking about file management and creation. However, it is prone to some disadvantages. 

    Thus, to eliminate inconveniences and risks, one should convert Word to PDF. The PDF provides better accessibility, accuracy, and security for your files. GogoPDF comes in very handy in this file conversion. 

    GogoPDF provides a variety of reliable tools for the modification and conversion of file formats.

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