9 Surprising Benefits of Promotional Products for Your Brand


    The consumption of traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and cable TV continues to decline as more people get their entertainment and information online. Yet 27% of people in terms of Internet users use ad blockers. Others pay for versions of streaming services to avoid seeing ads. What to do? Promotional products can offer a creative and effective solution.

    1. Brand Visibility

    While people are online trying to escape ads like the plague, they eagerly grab their favorite pen, mug, T-shirt, or stress ball with your brand on it. They may not even consciously recognize the brand. But their subconscious sees it every time they use that item.

    If you’ve chosen a product that gets frequent use, this could be every day or more. Others also see the brand in the office, at home, in the car, the grocery store, at the gym, or wherever they go with it.

    1. Audience Targeting

    One promo item can go to a lot of places, get seen by a lot of people, and leave an impression on them whether they realize it or not. Similar to targeting a certain audience with a Facebook Ad, the type of product you choose can determine the demographics that item reaches.

    Target people who like to work out with a water bottle a customer will love to take to the gym.

    Branded custom tumblers for your promotion strategy can reach people on the go who are meeting up with other active people at work, class, or social clubs.

    1. Brand Affinity

    When you use promotional marketing, you’re offering someone usefulness. They appreciate that.

    They do say the best things in life are free. This can definitely apply to a well-thought-out promotional item.

    Promotional items that are functional, quality, and visually appealing can easily become a person’s favorite mug, pen, tote, umbrella, or office blanket. Your brand is connected to that feeling.

    This affinity and connection often turn into a desire to be associated with or even promote a certain brand as a status symbol. For example, someone who is health- or eco-conscious may love to show off that they shop at a local farm store and would proudly display a product that tells the world that.

    1. Customer Retention

    Promotional products help you stay top of mind, so they buy more and more often. They’re less likely to buy from a competitor because you’ve given them something they can use. Each time a competitor woos them away, they see your product and come back to you.

    1. Lead Generation

    If you sell a service at a higher price point, then you need to generate and nurture leads in your sales funnel. Promotional items can be a tremendous way to do this.

    It creates goodwill because you’re giving value without “expecting” anything in return. Many people will feel drawn to buy from you because of that leverage. You then have an opportunity to convert them into paying customers and retain them.

    1. Cost-Effectiveness

    First of all, simply interacting with a promotion without taking advantage of it can increase sales.

    For example, one study on the furniture industry showed sales lift from running a promotion even among people who didn’t actually take the free product. The store ultimately saw a 244.44% increase in conversions.

    Quality promotional products don’t cost you much but can create between a 135% and 500% sales lift depending on your industry.

    1. Relationship Building

    When you explore promotional product ideas, you’re not just reaching new customers, you’re building a relationship with people. Swag bags become a way to show a person you value them and appreciate their business.

    Providing them with quality, useful items rather than junk also says something about your brand’s quality. It can build trust and credibility.

    1. Competitive Advantage

    All of this can lead to a strong competitive advantage, especially in local markets. Quickly increase market share by sliding promotional items into the hands of your competitor’s customers, cleverly drawing them away, often under the radar before they know what hit them.

    1. Long-Term ROI

    Someone sees an ad for a couple of seconds. You have to show it again and again to stay top of mind.

    But if you get a useful branded product into their hands, they may use it for years until that brand name fades. Then they’ll be looking to replace it. But by then, they’re already a loyal customer that keeps coming back several times a year every year because you’re advertising to them in a way they love. They’ve also inadvertently shared your brand with others every time they use that product in public, and your reputation continues to grow and prosper as a result.


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