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5 Unique Promotional Product Ideas


In 2020, there was a 35% decrease in promotional product spending mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies were hit hard by the impact of the pandemic and could not justify extra costs for promotional products.

Now that things are getting back to normal, it’s time for businesses to hop on the promotional product trend again. Before your competitors take the best ones, check out these five unique promotional product ideas.

1. Adult Coloring Book Set

This may sound weird, but we said unique promotional product ideas, right?

Coloring books are fun in the adult world just as they were when we were kids. When building a brand, you want your promotional gifts to reflect what your company has to offer.

If you offer a coloring book set, you are showing clients that you care about their level of stress. Coloring books can actually reduce stress while boosting levels of productivity.

If your customers are all about creativity, this is one of the best promotional products you can provide. You can also add it to your marketing ideas by having clients send in what they’ve done to advertise your brand further.

2. Touch Tool

In the age of COVID, many are caring more about their health than they did before. Nowadays, every company is offering hand sanitizer as a promotional product.

Step your game up a notch by showing you care about the new normal with a touch tool instead. These tools can protect your customers on the go as it is designed to limit contact with common surfaces such as:

  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Keypads
  • Mailboxes
  • And much more!

The end of the tool can press buttons to limit touching things. It also has a hook feature for pulling handles or carrying items.

3. Desk Humidifier

Speaking of the new normal, a lot of people are now doing their jobs from home. Make the transition of remote working easier and more comfortable by offering a mini desk humidifier as a promotional product.

You can use this as a business marketing technique by adding your company’s logo to it. While you are promoting your business, the humidifier will be promoting a healthier environment.

4. Customized Matchbook

These days, you can customize just about anything even a matchbook! This is a unique promotional gift as many consumers won’t expect it. However, it’ll come in handy for more than they think.

Matchbooks can light candles, campfires, fireworks, gas stoves, and more.

5. Smart Water Bottle

Sure, your consumers may already have a water bottle, but do they have one that actually keeps their drinks hot or cold? Chances are, they don’t.

This is why one of the best promotional product ideas is a smart water bottle that does just that. For additional business branding, add your logo to the bottle.

Promotional Product Ideas You Need to Try

Whether you are looking for promotional product ideas for employees or clients, this guide will come in handy. The key is to find something useful and trending, otherwise, your money will go to waste.

Unique promotional items are the best way to show consumers you care about their problems. The right gifts will provide customer loyalty in return.

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