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How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost

The article details how much digital marketing costs and outlines the most relevant online promotion models. Make your project popular and give it a unique note!

While the next marketing tool is approved by the director, somewhere in the West they are testing a new, improved and more effective one. The task of the marketing service is to track new products, implement them and achieve results.

2021 in terms of goals is not inferior to the previous ones; comfort and customer satisfaction remain priorities. How much does it cost to promote on the Internet, basic rates and what to expect from investment in marketing — all aspects of successful promotion RexSoft prepared in the next article.


Comprehensive website promotion involves the implementation of large-scale work aimed at:

  • Maximum expansion of the semantic core;
  • Increasing positions;
  • Improving the usability of the site;
  • Growth in search traffic;
  • Increase in conversion rates;
  • Improving behavioral factors.

The final cost of turnkey SEO promotion is influenced by the age of the site being promoted and the amount of work required to bring the web resource to the top.

SEO costs can vary significantly depending on the range of advertising — for example, if you only need to promote one landing page, then the costs will be minimal. Complex search engine promotion of a corporate website will accordingly cost more.

Prices in Europe, USA and Ukraine differ due to different statistics of competitive niches. For example, in the United States, the minimum start of a website in search will cost from $500 per month. The average price range for effective promotion is from $500 to $2,500 per month. The maximum tariffs affect the promotion of complex platforms, for example, the sites of large companies in highly competitive niches — this promotion will take at least $3,000 per month.

Prices in Europe are slightly lower. Search engine promotion at the start of the project will cost the project 400 euros per month, the average price range is 500-1500 euros per month. The maximum rates for search agencies in Europe are 1500-2500 euros per month.

In Ukraine, tariffs are even lower — in particular, the minimum start of a project in search results will cost about $250 per month. The average price tag reaches $1,000 per month, the maximum rates of highly professional search agencies are up to $2,000.

Paid Ads

The pricing of paid online advertising has been greatly optimized recently. Contextual advertising is the best marketing tool for quickly attracting target consumers and organizing effective sales. But it is paid. The real cost of this type of advertising depends on many factors. Below we will try to understand this issue in more detail. The total advertising budget consists of: the amount that must be paid to the balance of the advertising service to start advertising impressions; payment for services to a contractor that organizes, launches and monitors an advertising campaign.

Google Ads Cost in 2021:

  • Minimum tariff — from $80 per month;
  • Standard rate — from $150 per month;
  • Taking the site to the top of Google will cost the company at least $200 per month.

The pricing policy in the US is completely different. Due to the extremely high competition in almost all relevant business niches, prices for minimal advertising will start at $200 per month. High-quality online digital marketing for startups will cost you about $500 per month. Showing your ads on the first page of Google and top promotion will cost up to $1000 per month.


In the event that there is a target URL, the CPC for the «Clicks on the link» metric will range from $0.50 to $0.95. CPC for the Clicks (All) metric is slightly lower, ranging from $0.40 to $0.70.

This metric takes into account all clicks on an ad, including not only clicks on links, but also likes, reactions, comments and reposts. In terms of cost per thousand impressions (CPM), starting January 1, 2021, you will need to spend at least $ 2.50 — $ 3.50 to run the most effective campaigns with matching ad sets. Engagement costs will be $ 0.01 — $ 0.05.

The findings also show that Facebook CPM is almost 2x higher than Instagram, while CPC is typically half the price.

Digital Marketing. USA vs Ukraine

Pricing policies for digital marketing in the United States and Ukraine differ significantly. Due to the fact that in the United States there is a very high competition in the web sector and without innovation anywhere, advertising prices are 2-3 times higher. The Ukrainian market is actively developing, however, prices are growing relatively slowly. 

If you need high-quality advertising, please contact the specialists of the RexSoft company. Thanks to many years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, experts in advertising and search engine promotion in a matter of months will bring your website to the top of the search results, guaranteeing your project success.

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