8 Important Considerations to Create the Best Custom Trade Show Booth


    Are you building a custom trade show booth? Want to make sure you make a big impact at your next trade show?

    Trade shows can be invaluable for networking and for building your business, so you need to put your best foot forward when you attend one. Taking extra care when making a custom trade show booth is well worth the effort and can give you the best chance of making your next trade show a success.

    Here are 8 important things you should consider to create the best custom trade show booth.

    1. Show Off Your Brand

    One of the main things that you should do when making a custom trade show booth is to ensure that your brand is highly visible. Your entire booth should be branded consistently and should be reflected in any graphics or colors you use.

    With any banners, images, or displays that you use, be sure that your brand is evident. Let your booth tell your brand story and make it clear to attendees which brand your custom booth belongs to.

    2. Light It Up

    One of the things that are often overlooked when making a custom trade show booth is the lighting.

    If your trade show booth isn’t lit well, it may not be making as big of an impact as it could be overall. Lighting can help make your booth stand out and ensure that graphics and banners’ finer details can be noticed easily. Lighting can also help you to direct the attention of your visitors to certain areas of your booth, giving you more control over its impact.

    Be sure to add some great lighting to your booth if you want to be sure to make a great impression on trade show attendees.

    3. Aim For Great Readability

    One of the factors to think about when setting up your trade show booth is whether your marketing messages will be visible or not. You’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that text can be read by people who are passing by your booth or stopping in to visit.

    One of the ways to do this is to double-check that all fonts are very readable and that headlines are large enough to be viewed from a variety of angles and distances. On top of this, you’ll also want to ensure that your signage is placed in visible places in your booth. It’s usually a good idea to put signage at least 3 or 4 feet high to ensure that it can be seen easily by trade show attendees.

    4. Use High-Quality Graphics

    When making a custom trade show booth, you should always use high-quality images and graphics. Be sure that you don’t use just any photos when creating materials for your booth.

    When creating banners and other displays for your booth, you’ll likely end up getting images enlarged by quite a bit. Because of this, you should make sure that photos and graphics have been professionally created and that you only use images and graphics with high resolutions. Be sure that you get any in-booth media done professionally to ensure that you give the best impression to trade show attendees.

    5. Consider Visitor Focal Points

    When working on your trade show booth signage and graphics, it’s important that you keep the focal points of attendees in mind. People’s eyes tend to gravitate towards the same spots at a trade show booth, so if there are any particular promotional messages you want to be front and center, then you need to make sure that you put them in the right spots.

    The back wall of your booth is typically a good spot where things will be seen, so this is where you’ll likely want to put any primary marketing messages that you have. However, depending on the design of your custom booth, visitor focal points could be elsewhere instead. Be sure that you consider the design of your booth when determining where the main focal points are.

    6. Keep It Uncluttered

    When creating a custom trade show booth, it’s important to avoid going overboard. If you make your booth seem too cluttered, then your marketing messages can get lost in the shuffle and people may feel uncomfortable stopping by.

    Instead, make sure that you’re also making room for plenty of empty space within your booth. This way, visitors will have the ability to get up close to any visuals you have and can explore your booth as needed.

    If you want to get an idea of how to create a spacious and stylish trade show booth, you may want to check out these 10×20 Exhibits now.

    7. Consider Color Choice

    Another thing that you should do when making a custom trade show booth is to think carefully about color usage. While you’ll probably want to use some of your brand colors within your displays and graphics, you should go a bit deeper than that.

    It’s a good idea to spend some time reading about color psychology and to consider how different colors can make a person feel. To make your booth stand out, for example, you may want to use colors such as red and yellow. On the other hand, colors such as blue can have a calming effect.

    Be sure that you consider the colors you use with care when creating your booth if you want it to have the best impact possible.

    8. Add Some Interaction

    If you want to build an amazing trade show booth that people will talk about, it’s a good idea to look for ways to add some interactivity to it.

    Adding some interaction to your booth could mean putting some products on display that people can touch and use. On the other hand, it could simply mean hosting a raffle in your booth or doing something else to build some excitement and to get trade show attendees interacting with you and your booth in some way.

    Be sure to think outside of the box and consider various options if you want to make a big splash at your trade show event.

    Using These Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Trade Show Booth

    If you want to create a great custom trade show booth, be sure that you don’t leave anything up to chance. Ensure that you use all of the tips above if you want to make your trade show booth stand out.

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