7 Tips on Choosing Digital Marketing Consultants for Small Businesses

    7 Tips on Choosing Digital Marketing Consultants for Small Businesses

    Are you struggling to generate website traffic, leads, and sales this year? You’re not alone. In fact, about 65% of businesses experience the same problem!

    Meanwhile, 80% of new leads never translate into sales. About 96% of people who visit your website aren’t ready to shop, either.

    Without a strong digital marketing strategy, you could struggle to generate leads for your business. Without leads, you’ll never grow!

    Don’t let your business flatline. Instead, consider choosing digital marketing consultants that can help. Their experience and expertise could set your brand up for success.

    Not sure who to hire? Here are seven tips to help you vet your options for consultants.

    With these tips, you can partner with the right digital marketing consultant with your business in mind.

    Start your search with these simple tips today!

    1. Establish Your Goals

    Before rushing to review your options for consultants, take a moment to consider your business. Why do you want to hire a digital marketing consultant? Outlining your distinct needs will help you find the right consultant for the job.

    Otherwise, you might choose someone who lacks the distinct digital marketing experience you need.

    Instead, make a list of your digital marketing goals for the year. For example, maybe you want to:

    • Update an old brand
    • Build brand awareness and recognition
    • Update your website
    • Increase traffic to your website
    • Improve your search engine rankings
    • Create optimized blog content
    • Create a social media marketing strategy
    • Work with influencers
    • Generate online leads and sales
    • Improve your ROI
    • Establish your credibility
    • Build brand trust and loyalty

    Once you establish your goals, you can find someone with the right digital marketing experience.

    2. Consider Services

    Now that you know your goals, you can determine what digital marketing services you need to accomplish them.

    For example, let’s say you want to establish your credibility in the industry. Consider creating informative blog posts. You might want to find someone who offers content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) services.

    SEO can help you generate brand awareness by improving your search engine rankings. You can also use SEO to generate website traffic, leads, and sales. In fact, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate.

    Do you need to update an outdated brand? Look for a company that offers brand development services. You might need a consultant with graphic design experience, too.

    Make a list of the services you need. Consider services like:

    • Brand development
    • Website design and development
    • Content creation
    • Search engine marketing
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
    • Social media marketing
    • Influencer marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    Once you make a list of the services you need, review your options for consultants. Scratch off anyone who doesn’t offer the services from your list.

    3. Look for Experience

    As you vet your options for consultants, it’s important to find someone with the digital marketing experience you need.

    Determine how long each consultant has worked in the industry. Ask how many businesses they’ve helped within that time. How many clients are they currently helping?

    Look for marketing experts who have years of hands-on experience within the industry. If they’ve only helped one client within five years, however, look elsewhere. Instead, focus on choosing digital marketing consultants with well-rounded experience.

    They can leverage their experience and expertise to set your business up for success.

    Otherwise, they might make costly mistakes while working on your campaigns. They could waste your time and money as a result.

    4. Read Reviews

    If you want to find the best digital marketing consultant, rely on people who were once in your shoes. Ask each consultant for references and reviews. Ask if you can speak with some of their current clients.

    Make a list of questions you want to ask beforehand. For example, you might want to ask:

    • Is the consultant helpful and knowledgeable
    • Have you experienced any issues while working with them
    • Are they able to accomplish your goals
    • What services did you request
    • Are you satisfied with the services you received

    Otherwise, check the consultant’s Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings. Reading online reviews will help you learn more about each consultant.

    If they have any major complaints filed against them, scratch that consultant off your list.

    5. Request Case Studies

    It’s not enough to find someone with years of experience in the industry. Make sure they can provide proof of their abilities, too. Ask each consultant on your list for case studies.

    Look at case studies that are relevant to the services you’re requesting, too.

    Determine what key performance indicators (KPIs) they track. For example, they might look at unique website visitors. Perhaps they’re focused on search engine rankings.

    Ask each consultant if they were able to accomplish the client’s goals. Determine how they accomplished those goals, too.

    If they don’t have case studies, how do you know they can meet your needs and expectations?

    6. Ask About Their Process

    Schedule a consultation appointment with at least three consultants on your list. Then, discuss your needs and goals. Ask each consultant about their process.

    How will they help you accomplish your goals?

    They should start by researching your customers, industry, and competitors. Without research, they might make assumptions.

    If the consultant doesn’t ask about your goals, they might use a cookie-cutter strategy. Take your business elsewhere. These consultants won’t have your needs or best interests in mind.

    7. Discuss Pricing

    Before choosing digital marketing consultants, ask for quotes from at least three different people. Make sure you know what’s included with each quote (such as edits). Then, review your options.

    Don’t choose the cheapest option among the bunch. Instead, review your notes. Make sure they have the digital marketing experience you need.

    Comparing consultant fees will help you gauge the average. However, you’ll likely get what you pay for.

    Keep that in mind before making your final decision.

    Partner With a Pro: 7 Tips for Choosing Digital Marketing Consultants

    Choosing digital marketing consultants doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, use these tips to vet your options. With these tips, you can make an informed decision.

    Then, you can choose a consultant who is ready to boost your business!

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