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7 Characteristics to Look for When Working With an Amazon Agency

Amazon is one of the most competitive online selling platforms accounting for more than half of the total eCommerce sales in the US – leaving behind even the total market share of the top three competitors (Apple, eBay, and Walmart) combined. Though the platform is incredibly profitable for sellers, the presence of an estimated 2.5 million sellers makes it difficult to capture quality leads and convert them into sales. 

As a seller, carrying out the extensive operations loop is challenging. But there are always professional Amazon agencies available to lend you a hand. The best Amazon agencies usually comprise the top talent from the industry – having years of experience on hand and carrying the art of winning your customers, even fighting the fiercest competition. But wait – how would you know which Amazon agency is the best to hire when there’s an entire crowd claiming to offer the best services in the market? You need not worry about that because we’ve put together a list of 7 characteristics you must look for when working with an Amazon agency. 

Top 7 Characteristics You Must Look For When Working With an Amazon Agency

Take a look at these characteristics you must look for when planning to work with an Amazon agency and back your decision with some legit facts! 

The Pricing Suits Your Budget – The most important thing to consider when planning to work with an Amazon agency is the pricing they offer suits your budget, and their pricing model is what you can cater to. Even if you can afford the budget of your chosen agency, it’s essential that their pricing model also aligns with your payment methods. 

Typically, an agency accepts payments via the following models –

  • A monthly fee
  • A yearly fee
  • A share of success (commission-basis)


The best is to opt for agencies that offer a monthly fee pricing model. It is mainly because paying a yearly fee can bond you with the agency for an entire year, regardless of whether you’re satisfied with the services. And an agency that charges a commission on your earnings can be an expensive choice. 

The Amazon Specialties Matches Your Needs – A significant factor to cater to is whether your chosen Amazon agency offers specialties that you need or not. The reason you’re hiring an agency could vary – you may need assistance with setting up an Amazon store or need to advertise your already running business, etc.

The best you can do is to ensure the agency you’re hiring offers the same Amazon services your business requires. 

A Strategic Plan in Place to Achieve Goals – You must also cater to the fact that the Amazon agency you’re planning to work with has a proper strategy to help you attain your goals. The best way to know that is to ask for a proposal from the agencies you’re considering hiring. The proposal must include an analysis of your current business strategies, the problems in your current strategy, and how the agency can help you overcome them. 

Once you’ve received comprehensive proposals from the selected agencies, it will become much easier to pick the one that seems to have a perfect strategy to help achieve your goals. 

The Expertise of the Amazon Specialists – There’s one more vital factor to consider when planning to work with an Amazon agency, and that is the expertise of their Amazon specialists. It’s significant to ensure that the specialists working in their team have years of industry expertise and have helped other businesses succeed on the platform. 

The agency must also access the premium tools to help excel at your Amazon store.

The ROI They Offer Matches Your Objectives – When hiring an Amazon agency for your business, you must also ensure they offer the ROIs in alignment with your objectives. For instance, if you want to rank at the top of the list in your category, the agency must offer similar outcomes in their proposal. 

Seamless Account Management Techniques – Since working with a complete third-party team requires a lot of communication, coordination, and management, you must ensure the agency you’re planning to work with possesses seamless account management techniques. 

They must have experience handling Amazon accounts and an efficient team on board to manage your business with dedication. 

Clientele Success Stories & Testimonials – The best way to verify whether the agency you’re planning to work with is making valid claims or not is to see through the success stories of their clientele and testimonials. Since they’ve already worked with the Amazon agency, they can guide you well about whether you should hire them or not.

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