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5 Tips on Picking Software Providers for Small Businesses

The Covid pandemic drove consumers online and small businesses had no choice but to follow. In many cases, it was follow or watch your business implode. The upside is that businesses will likely retain much of that online business even after all the restrictions pass.

The downside is that small business owners found themselves trying to crash course on the hardware and software that makes up the eCommerce universe. After all, it’s not enough just to get a website going.

The site must connect with payment gateways, order systems, and inventory databases. That means picking software providers. How do you do it?

Keep reading for five tips on picking the right software providers for your small business.

1. Figure Out Your Needs

Before you go shopping for software provider options or comparing software costs, you should sit down and pin down exactly what you need. For example, your business probably doesn’t need high-powered, pro-level finance software. You can likely get by with any of the widely available bookkeeping and accounting software for businesses package out there.

2. Can It Scale

Some small businesses will remain small businesses for the entire time they exist. Other small businesses will grow over time into medium-sized or even large businesses. Successful tech startups often follow this path.

If your business sees regular growth, you may want software vendors that offer enterprise-level upgrades to your small business software.

3. Security

Data breaches are a plague on large and small businesses alike. In fact, many hackers go after small businesses because security is often lighter.

So, let’s say you going through an ERP software selection process. ERP software can touch areas of the business as diverse as human resources and accounting. That’s a lot of tempting data all in one place.

You want to make sure that software can address common cyber threats and offers regular software updates that include security updates.

4. Mind Your Budget

Even for small businesses, software comes in at almost every price point imaginable from the free to the eye-poppingly expensive. You should set a firm budget for the new software in advance. That can let you exclude software providers that are beyond your financial means.

5. Check the Reviews

Gone are the days when small businesses made software decisions in a vacuum. With a little legwork online, you can almost always find reviews of small business software from other small business owners. If a particular vendor gets terrible reviews, particularly for customer service, take a pass.

Picking Software Providers and You

Picking software providers for your small business can feel impossible with so many companies offering similar products. While the first look can feel that way, you can narrow the field a lot.

Setting a budget and pinning down your exact needs helps you eliminate a lot of potential providers. Software scalability and security are two more areas that can let you exclude potential vendors. Plus, you can always look to reviews to see how providers treat their customers.

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