4 Essential Accessories for Cold Weather Protection


    As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, people tend to take the heaviest clothes out of the closet or stock up on new thick coats, jackets of all kinds, wool socks, etc.

    While all of this helps to keep your body warm, you shouldn’t forget that the body’s extremities are even more important.

    When you go outside on a snowy or very cold day, the first parts of your body to suffer from low temperatures are your head and neck, hands, and feet. And it doesn’t matter how many blouses you’re wearing or the size of your coat.

    So next time you go shopping, don’t forget to pack these essential winter accessories.

    1. Gloves

    Keeping your hands warm in winter can be challenging. Gloves are the best option to protect them. But as you need to use your hands for more sensitive operations (such as scrolling the smartphone screen), you’ll probably spend the day taking and putting back the gloves.

    Today, it’s already possible to find more technological models with built-in battery heaters and even the possibility of using touchscreen devices, so it’s no longer necessary to take your gloves off every time you want to check your messages.

    If you prefer to stick to the basics, remember to choose the right gloves for what you will be doing on the street. Thick wool gloves will definitely keep your hands warm, but they can be tricky when driving. Thin leather gloves are amazing at a social gathering, but your hands can freeze while you’re out. When choosing the best model for your needs, always look for insulating and water-resistant materials.

    2. Hats

    It’s important to keep your head and ears warm when leaving the house on a freezing day or even protect yourself from rain and humidity. If you like to try out new accessories, winter hats offer a huge variety of styles, colors, and knits for all tastes and opportunities.

    Made from warm materials such as faux-fur, wool, and felt, winter hats traditionally appear in beanies, knit caps, or fur hats. If you don’t mind drawing attention, the so-called trapper hats are also big, heavy, and showy, but keep your head warm and even have side flaps to protect your ears.

    In cold regions without snow or rain, a beautiful fedora fulfills the purpose.

    3. Scarves

    Scarves protect you from the cold and flu by covering the neck, a fragile part of your body. Furthermore, it is one of the most charming winter accessories and something easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe.


    Pay attention to material and size when choosing your scarf. This is not the time to wear a silk scarf, even if they are beautiful.

    Opt for thick fabrics like wool or cotton and longer lengths, which allow you to wrap several loops around the neck to warm it up – or even wear it along the body as part of the costume.

    4. Sunglasses

    Many people wonder about the need to wear sunglasses during winter when the days are shorter, and the sun rarely comes out in all its intensity.


    But the coldest season of the year has some particular characteristics that can affect your eyes, such as:

    • Strong winds can throw dust and different types of debris into your eyes, permanently damaging your cornea.

    • Even though the sun doesn’t come out often, snow can reflect daylight directly into your eyes, impairing your vision.

    • Snow and ice can reflect light to your windshield as you drive.

    • Low temperatures outside and heated air indoors dry out the natural moisture of your eyes, compromising vision or keeping your eyelids “glued” together.


    Your eyes may not feel cold, but the best way to protect your eyesight on frosty days is to add sports sunglasses to your winter outfit.

    Spend the Winter Warm and in Fashion

    Feeling cold is one of the worst sensations there is. When you don’t properly protect the extremities of your body, it doesn’t help to be dressed in heavy clothes because that cold feeling in your spine doesn’t go away.

    Have you ever noticed that when we approach fireplaces or burning wood stoves, our hands are the first part we heat up? It’s our body giving the message: to ward off the cold for good, head or neck, hands and feet must also be protected.

    The variety of accessories to cover these areas provides multiple opportunities to create unique looks this winter.