X Reasons You Should Make Delicious Desserts This Holiday Season

Quite arguably, the best part of the holidays is the food. Sure, the family connection and season of giving are great. But who can be cranky with a yummy Thanksgiving or Christmas meal in front of them?

In fact, if you want to make anyone’s day better, give them a homemade holiday treat. Whether it’s your coworker, neighbor, or anyone in between, they’ll love receiving your goodies.

On top of spreading holiday cheer, there are some other really good reasons to make delicious desserts. If you’re debating the value of baking with your other to-dos this holiday season, this list will convince you to put on your apron and start cooking.

1. It Boosts Your Feel-Good Mood

There’s something about the smell of a house full of baked sweets that makes everyone feel good. It’s impossible to be cranky when you’re baking. From rolling out the dough to cutting cookies into Santa shapes, each step is relaxing and pleasurable.

Throw some Christmas music on in the background (this is allowed any time of year, by the way), and you have a recipe for happiness. Even the Scrooges and Grinches in your home can’t complain if they get to enjoy the finished products!

2. Homemade Goodies are Cheap Gifts

Let’s face it. Money is tight for a lot of people this year, and the holidays are just additional stress. Who can afford gifts when it’s difficult to cover the bills?

Whether you have the funds to provide an expensive holiday or not, think about suggesting a lowkey season of gift-giving this year. 

Spend Time on a Gift, Not Money

Instead of exchanging presents, everyone can give and receive homemade gifts. That way, each person can use their own talents to create a unique surprise. 

Your skill could be whipping up some tantalizing treats. All you need is the ingredients and a container to store the desserts before you gift them. 

Extra bonus points if you include some of your weed stash in the desserts you give your cannabis-loving adults. If you infuse cannabis into the flour or sugar with Veriheal‘s easy-to-follow recipes, this is simple to do.

3. Your Desserts Encourage Others’ Generosity

The next time you’re in a room with a group of people who were just given some fresh-baked goods, listen to the conversation. 

Chances are, at least one person will talk about how much they love to bake. They’ll go home and, within the next couple of weeks, they’ll make their own desserts to pass on to others.

Those who don’t cook will feel the urge to be generous in other ways. They might tip a little more when they go out for their next meal or find their own method of paying it forward. No matter what they do, it will keep the chain reaction going.

Generosity begets generosity, and you’ll have started the season of giving out with some incredible food!

4. You’re Creating Memories

Remember that time when you made sugar cookies and decorated them for Christmas with friends and family? No? Well, you should go ahead and start that tradition.

If you already have holiday baking customs, that’s perfect! This is your year to host the celebration. While you and your loved ones are putting together each recipe, you’re bonding and building moments that you’ll be able to cherish forever.

So what if you’re a total baking amateur? Don’t worry about the recipes. 

Start with some simple premade sugar cookies and store bought frosting, and build your way up as you get more comfortable baking.

5. Your Creative Bone Kicks In

When you bake, it makes the creative side of your brain wake up and pay attention. It doesn’t matter if the recipe is easy or complex. Putting together pieces (ingredients) and forming them into a whole (the dessert) requires creative thinking.

As you get more familiar with the typical ingredients most recipes use and how they change, you might start tweaking things. 

Maybe the amount of sugar they called for made the cake too sweet. Or you realized you forgot baking soda, and that’s why the cookies were flat.

You’ll slowly learn the ins and outs of your favorite recipes, and get creative by making your own. The more you bake, the further the creative juices will flow in the rest of your life, too.

If your doctor or friend encouraged you to find a creative hobby, holiday baking is a wonderful place to start.


But really. Do we have to have a reason to make ourselves some tasty, mouthwatering treats? You work hard. You deserve to enjoy a scrumptious baked good when you feel the urge.

Just don’t forget to share some of those goodies so you can stay on the Nice List. Remember, Santa’s watching!



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