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Stacey Wilson’s Bus Crime Scene Photos: A Look Into The Life Of A Serial Killer

Stacey Wilson’s Bus Crime Scene Photos

Below is a gallery of Stacey Wilson’s crime scene photographs from her bus accident, which we believe are reliable evidence of Stacey’s homicide and that of her son, Kain. The following is a brief description of the photos and evidence. This section will be updated when we receive photos that the public are not allowed to see.

This body is that of Stacey Wilson. The above photograph is from a previous investigation where it was shown to Stacey’s attorney. Stacey was adamant that her body was in the above location (which is now marked by a sign), but could not remember what color it was. When taken into Stacey’s attorney’s office, we were not told to take photos and did not bring our cameras.

This body is that of Jonathan McKennie. We spoke to Mr.

Stacey Wilson’s Background

Stacey worked as an account manager at Ameriprise Financial. She lived in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Robert Fabian, and their two daughters.

(Former) Boyfriend

Fabian posted photos of himself with his children on Facebook. A former colleague of his told The Daily Beast that Fabian and Stacey were “super-couples.”

Stacey and Fabian had been dating since 2011, according to Wilson’s public Facebook. But in June 2015, Fabian said he had broken up with her, Wilson’s father told KTLA 5, which he said he received from an acquaintance. Wilson’s father said his daughter had a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

Stacey Wilson’s Life

Location of the OPP crime scene, Trail Road, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, May 9, 2001, Stacey Wilson is shown dressed in a plaid sweater, with a camera in hand.

Stacey Wilson’s SUV was photographed at a Shell gas station (photo – Lynn Wilson)

Three family members of Stacey Wilson, Kathy Boyd, Michael Wilson, and Lynn Wilson, gathered at the Kootenay Crime Stoppers office in Trail, British Columbia, Canada, Tuesday, May 9, 2017, as they try to move forward with new information regarding what lead to the arrest of Thomas Szaflarski. (TRI-JOURNAL PHOTO)

Thomas Szaflarski

NEWS UPDATE: May 19, 2006

Tom Szaflarski lived in a tent on the property of his cousin’s farm north of Trail, British Columbia.

What does the serial killer look like?

Well, before Nacole Owens went down, I used to work with a criminal profiler who was obsessed with the profile of a serial killer. He would describe these freaky black men who stalked and killed women in private cars and then dump their bodies in the woods. All they wanted to do was kill, he said.

The one thing the profile of a serial killer lacked, though, was detail. What kind of haircut did he have? How big his fingernails were? Did he own a semi truck?

Anyway, I thought about that profiler this morning as I saw photographs of the first person ever convicted of being a serial killer.

She didn’t really look like a serial killer, not to the naked eye. Her face was too big. And her body was shaped more like a person’s than a ball of muscle and bone. She wasn’t muscular.

The bus crime scene photographs

Had it been any other serial killer, bus crime scene photographs of a serial killer might be of little consequence. A serial killer whose methods included hunting his victims, abducting, raping, and murdering a mass number of them, killing each of them by various methods on different buses over a period of four weeks.

Police may never know why this particular serial killer chose to kill his victims the way he did, or why only his victims were killed on these buses, but police can at least be thankful that he didn’t chose to keep his victims. Stacey Wilson didn’t keep any of her victims, and still wasn’t able to provide any clues to what type of person she was.

Stacey was only able to leave behind four bus crime scene photographs.

How did the serial killer go unnoticed?

For two weeks, according to local media reports, Stacey Wilson’s remains lay undetected in the trunk of her new car.

Stacey was last seen at the wheel of her Ford Focus near her home in Brooklyn, New York, on the afternoon of May 4. She had just parked her car outside a dollar store and was on her way back to pick up her three-year-old son from his baby-sitter.

“This was not an accident or a crime of passion,” said the prosecutor, attorney Eloise Shannon. “This was premeditated cold-blooded murder.”

Eight years ago, 43-year-old Stacey Wilson vanished from her Portland, Ore. home with her toddler on a Friday morning. They never made it to his baby-sitter’s. And then Wilson’s six-week-old daughter, Ingrid Wilson, was reported as missing from her crib.


by Stacey Wilson

Millions of people have watched videos and posts on social media about the horrific and gruesome murder of Stacey Wilson. A neighbour of hers witnessed the atrocious act and videoed it before approaching her and summoning help. She died on the spot after having received two fatal blows on her head by an unknown killer. Wilson is one of many who were murdered in Chicago alone.

On the fateful day, Wilson left her home to go to work. She boarded the BNSF Railway Line at the midnight and boarded a Chicago Transit Authority bus that would take her to Ogilvie Transportation Center in the morning. At 1:45 AM, the last bus came and Wilson disembarked from the bus. However, she did not wait for the bus to move away from the station.

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