Why Digital Marketing for Business Is So Important


    in 2019, digital marketing surpassed traditional marketing in revenue generated. In 2020, the gap between the two of them widened. If this keeps up — which it almost definitely will, the world is only going more digital — digital marketing is likely to leave traditional marketing in the dust.

    The statistics prove just how important digital marketing for business is. But how does the importance of digital marketing manifest itself? This article will walk you through a brief introduction to digital marketing.

    Social Media

    There are almost 4 and a half billion people using social media worldwide. To gain access to the clients that can easily slip through your grasp, you’re going to need to head online.

    Social Media is so important because it works both ways. Small businesses that understand digital marketing will respond to people’s questions quickly. These satisfied people can easily turn into customers, who can easily recommend these businesses to their friends.

    Social media is crucial because it allows people to share your advertising for you. If you can hit social media right, you can gain exponential numbers of new customers.


    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of using specific keywords to pump your business to the top of relevant search engine results. This is extremely important since it’s rare that a person will even scroll to the bottom of a page when they’re doing a google search.

    SEO is so important because it does not work like traditional advertising at all. It’s more akin to setting up your business in a good location so that people happen to walk by it. You’re directing people towards your business without them ever knowing it in the first place.

    SEO can get pretty complicated, so you’re going to want to look into digital marketing agency services. For a great digital marketing agency, check out Nomadic Advertising.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid ads are the easiest to understand. They’re the most similar to traditional advertising — they pop up before people’s videos, on the sides of their pages, and in their searches. Perhaps you even see an ad on the side of this article right now!

    Paid advertising is important because it increases your visibility. While social media and SEO are nice for helping people stumble across you, you also need paid ads, so that you hook the fish who remain ignorant.

    Once again, paid ads can get a little difficult when it comes to figuring out just where you should place them. It’s best to defer to an advertising service.

    Learn Digital Marketing For Business

    Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere — in fact, it’s likely that traditional marketing is going to phase itself out in the coming years. If you want your business to thrive in this brave new world, you need to focus on social media, SEO, and paid advertising and enlist the help of a digital marketing agency, who can help you learn digital marketing for business.

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