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What is a Drip Marketing Campaign and Is It Worthwhile?

Did you know that a drip marketing campaign can generate 50 percent more leads that are sales-ready? They achieve this through steady, consistent communication with customers.

Hence the name ‘drip marketing campaign’.

The thing about drip marketing campaigns is that they’re meant to be a different approach to how you use email marketing and digital marketing to advertise your goods and services.

So, is implementing a drip marketing campaign worthwhile? The key is knowing what goes into it, what are the working parts you need to make the campaign worthwhile, and then you can decide whether it may work for you.

What Is A Drip Marketing Campaign?

So, drip campaigns are actually a form of email marketing.

They’re a series of emails scheduled and sent out, only according to that schedule, on an automated system. It’s a mouthful, right?

Basically. Your email campaign is created. You then use an automated system to send out those emails at regular intervals or according to a specific drip schedule.

One difference between drip marketing campaigns and traditional email marketing campaigns is usually, drip campaigns are created with one single goal in mind to achieve.

You would ideally have an action that is the ‘trigger’ for your drip marketing campaign, for example, someone may subscribe to your newsletter. At which point, your drip campaign will be kickstarted and emails will start to go out according to your predefined plan.

What Makes Drip Campaigns Effective?

Email marketing has a high success rate, some marketers say that email marketing, is in fact, their most successful marketing tactic.

There are a number of reasons that drip campaigns can be successful based on the success of email as a medium.

  • Drip campaigns can increase brand recall with prospects, particularly in a sea of promotions, regular sightings of your brand will help you stand out
  • Drip campaigns will help you increase engagement with your audience, through constantly creating touchpoints with prospects, you’ll likely be able to convert them
  • Drip marketing campaigns can also create a feeling of trust between your prospects and your brand

It’s not easy to take time to create emails and then find even more time to automate those emails with the right systems. It can take more effort than simply putting together promotional emails once in a blue moon.

The right web agency can actually help you put together campaigns that line up with your digital copy and strategy, like https://weberco.io/alaska-web-design-and-marketing/.

Dripping With Success

The thing about a drip marketing campaign though is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Also, it’s really important that the copy within the emails is professionally written and has a clear call to action.

You really do want the people receiving your drip campaign emails to know right off the bat what to do with them.

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