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Which Haircut Is Suited For A Round Face With Weave Hair?

Round face is such a pretty cute face cut. It looks beautiful because of its bubbliness characterized in the face shape. But the main problem is that sometimes people don’t know how to style their hair as a result, Sometimes their face becomes very broad and looks bigger. Well, here is the time for you to get the idea of what to do with your round face when you have weave hair because they are open to styling and versatility at its maximum capacity.

So if you are having a plan to get weave hair , this blog must be bookmarked because it is going to share you some interesting haircuts and hairstyles you can do with your round face.

Long And Wavy

You can do this hairstyle with around 16 inches you can easily do this haircut. All you have to do is make a side partition with 30:70 ratio. On the 70% of the side, you have to make the water waves that are coming little bit on your forehead. This way it will hide the Broad forehead area and give you longer look. To further face frame yourself, you can even color your hair weave from the front in the lighter shade to elevate the Luke.

Side part pressed Bob 

Short bob hair looks very good on the round face. If you’re afraid to chop off your real hair, try this out with the hair extensions. You just have to do the length that touches your collarbone and then do a side partition. Once the side partition is done, the side where more hair is, you need to press it down and then tuck behind your ear. It gives the shape to your face and suits perfectly.

Side Loose Bun

Who doesn’t love the extra feminine bun that gives the daintiness to your look? Look that goes perfectly well on the formal occasions and with evening gowns. You have to do a side partition and then you can swirl your hair and form a loose bun and the put behind your ear. Once you are done with the bun, take the hairs from the sides, and pull them out to have those flimsy and delicate flicks. When you are doing this hairstyle with your round face, make sure you wear some ear hoops or statement earrings, as it will draw attention to your ears too.

Wavy Bob

The textured Bob looks incredibly beautiful with the weave hair. As the weave hair can be easily crimped to give that textured wavy hair. You can do this with the mid -partition or side partition as per your choice, and it looks bossy as well as super delicate at the same time. Wearing this hairstyle with the off shoulder outfits is definitely a stunner.

Pixie Cut

A very bold hairstyle that is classy and fashionable. If you do the pixie cut with a little bit of feathered bangs on your forehead, it gives you an elongated face, makes you have an illusion of sharper jawline, which can manipulate the face shape very easily. If you are someone who likes edgy looks, this haircut is a must dry. Don’t get hesitant to try this, just because you love your long hair. You can try this hairstyle any day with weave hair and get nearest to perfection results.

Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs are very fun and look quite useful. As the round face is already blessed with beautiful youthfulness to it, the feather bangs add more fun to it. You can do the curtain bangs with free scissor cut that gives the character and depth on the front. Not only that, you can do the curtain bangs with more light volume in the middle so that it opens the forehead, an inner angular way to give you long face.

Lazor Lob

The laser cut lob hairstyle is very fashionable these days. Firstly, it mimics the bob haircut, but with the extra length that allows you to versatile that even in the shape of the buns later, if you want to. The reason it flicks on the either side actually covers your cheekbones to give a slimmer face And make it look longer. If you are a working professional, you should try this hairstyle.

Bangs Mullet

If you just look at the mullet hairstyle alone, it has that tail like structure at the back, which already gives it a definite shape. Now all you have to do is carry on the structure to your forehead side as well in the shape of bangs. This way you will be able to face frame yourselves and cover the fuller portions of your profile. Which means you can have the illusion of uplifted cheekbones, sharp, jawline, and small forehead. If you do the mullet in light colored shades like grays or blondes, it will pop out even better.

Curly Pineapple 

The curly pineapple is a very homely hairstyle and you can do it even with your real hair if you have the curls. All you have to do is put your hair in a clutch and then let your curls be thrown over your scalp area that also dangle on your forehead too. Now, with the help of a broad scarf, either made of silk or Georgette, or any of your favorite fabrics. Make a top head knot in front and let these cute curls be dripping on your forehead. As the curls are on the top, it automatically gives the height to your face.

Asymmetrical Bob

Here comes again- the bob hair. The bob with weave hair is super interesting. Way to shape shift your look and try something completely out of the box if you have a long hair from a long time. What you can do is have a symmetrical bob where from one side, the hair is short that is only touching your earlobes and from the other side they are going all the way to your collarbone. It is very nice, smart and has an extra stylish look. It looks very bossy and at the same time is pretty adorable.

At last 

Styling becomes fun when you have options to actually do the styling. Thank God weave hair is there. The weave hair  can be easily installed, heat styles, colored, and have haircuts which can play a lot with your look. If you have a round face, you basically need to do the styles that cover your forehead, make your cheeks look thin and your jawline sharp . The hairstyle and haircuts that we have mentioned above strongly impact one of these facial features or all of them. So, if you have the round face, our suggestion is to try these hairstyles. If you are brave enough to chop off your long hair and be experimental, great! If not, buy quality human hair extensions and fulfil your hair fantasies with them.


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