What you need to go camping | Camping Tips for Beginners

Camping is a great way to discover something extraordinary, get some fresh air and spend quality time with friends and family. It can be difficult to set up an early green camp. Here are our top eight tips to make your first camping experience interesting and stress-free.

5 Tips for a Camping trip

1. Choosing Your Campsite

There is a huge selection of campsites available for your first camping holiday. It should be noted whether they are considered “child friendly”, whether dogs are allowed and what facilities such as toilets and showers are available. As a newcomer, it’s a good idea to book standard facilities at the camping site and the surrounding town so that if you forget something, there are plenty of food and shopping options.

2. Purchasing Sleeping Bags

No matter what time of year you plan to camp, carrying a sleeping bag is a wonderful idea as the temperature can drop at night. When choosing a sleeping bag, pay attention to the time of year and the temperature to ensure that you will be kept at the maximum temperature during the year you choose to camp. Our Sleeping Bag Guide provides an overview of all the important questions when choosing a sleeping bag.

3. Purchasing Your Tent

Tents come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to choose one. When choosing a tent, it is best to choose one that is one size or two larger than the one that will be using it. It offers plenty of space to keep your luggage in the tent and provides a good night’s sleep. If you are not sure which tent is right for you, find out about our tent guide.

4. Plan Your Meals Beforehand

Planning what you will use and how you will prepare dinner can save some time and effort for an inexperienced campervans. Check out the Campus Site Guides to see if you can fire a campfire and find a pub or restaurant in the neighbourhood to use if the neighbourhoods aren’t planned!

Camping for beginners can be interesting and rewarding if you think it’s right. Follow these eight recommendations and your first tent trip will be a success!

Now that you’re ready for your first camping trip, it’s time to get the right gear! Take a look at the selection of tent chairs, tents, sleeping bags or the full range of our tents.

5. Make a Camping Essentials List

Camping for beginners can be a challenge, especially if you are not sure what kind of equipment you need now. For our help, try our tenting equipment guide and make sure nothing is left behind.

Camping Checklist

When packing for a Camping trip, there is always something to forget. Having a well-thought-out tick list for tents can prevent this from happening. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for tattoos.

  • Accommodation and Luxury Checklist:
  • Stay warm and weatherproof:
  • Kitchen Things:
  • Stay clean and healthy:
  • Important things to remember:




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