What is Search as a Service?

Search as a service is a type of SaaS that focuses on enterprise search. Generally, with SaaS, various services are offered by the cloud for pay-as-you-go pricing and on-demand.

Search as a service outreaches the effectiveness of general site search by offering various benefits that include an intuitive search User Interface, innovations, and analytics capabilities which are available to users regularly and instantly as the service is presented on the cloud.

It is very important in helping businesses regularly to improve their individual site search performance and meet users’ requirements without important IT funding.

It is observed that 43% of visitors of a website straight away go to the search box thus an excellent on-site experience will lead to many better conversions. Site search not only connects consumers towards their requirements but also assists the business to grow by increasing conversion rates and upgrading user retention.

The search as a service provides various types of benefits to businesses.

Cost of Operations and Ownership

Having search as a service in the business form, one has to invest less on the operational and infrastructure costs. Also, there is no need of assigning operation teams for the same and thus that facilitates the tech stack and speeds up the pace of the work done.


Search as a service formula builds a better smooth operational environment. The search provider is accountable for the nitty-gritty of maintaining and keeping things running. So after it is implemented no internal teams are required to give hours into testing, troubleshooting, creating new features, or resolving logistical issues.

Reliability and Scalability

In the case of in-house search solutions, developers are needed to take care of the backups, resolve various issues related to downed servers, network latency, and unresponsive searches. However, search as a service allows a business to delegate infrastructure for supporting reliability and scalability to third-party experts.

Performance and Speed

Search as a service offers the websites to care for much more complex and critical search requirements with very little development investment, such as typo tolerance, personalization, alternate-language searches, and more.


Most organizations have more than one division, properties, and also silos of information and data present on their own available website. A standard search as a service tool can very easily reach everything in order to give the user a combined view of all the content, services, and products in a spontaneous, and easy to grasp interface.

Use In Multi-Channels

Search as a service also permits business organizations to power various channels [the multi-channel use facility] with just a single search key, rather than building and creating new keys for every other channel.

Customization & Flexibility

Customization certifies the search is best complemented to the existing business challenges and cases. Business organizations can adjust prioritization, ranking factors, and all other required elements for improving the search tool continuously in order to meet customers’ requirements.


Site search data or analytics furnish visibility into the presentation of different pages and content, detecting which resources are most influential and also why. Analytics also provides perception into queries, keywords, the success of CTR’s and many others.

This data given in a direct dashboard from a search as a service contributor helps in giving information on bigger decisions involving marketing strategies and products.



Owning an advanced internal search service for your users brings a positive impact on the experiences they gather. It also brings a positive effect on your product accessibility and also the insights of the users.

Operating a Search as a Service supplier makes owning that internal search option convenient and easy for your organization and also it provides better presentation for the website visitors.


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