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What is MDM Remote Management? A Must for Every Business



In this advanced technological world, smart devices have transformed the way of working and have minimized the communication gap between customers and business representatives. So, digital gadgets have become a basic necessity for businesses to grow and service customers. Businesses still using traditional methods are about to end shortly. Using smart devices for communication and other business operations is very helpful, but uncontrolled use of mobile devices can be fatal for enterprises. In this article, we will discuss some common issues enterprises face using smart devices and how they can cope with these issues using MDM remote management while ensuring the continuity of mobile devices.


1- Common challenges faced by every enterprise

Here are some basic issues that companies usually face with the involvement of mobile devices.


  • Manual installation of Apps

IT teams in enterprises have to customize the settings on each device manually. It becomes troublesome and time-consuming for enterprises with hundreds of devices to download and install apps on the devices and change the settings.


  • Lack of Security

Devices used in enterprises are exposed to different users without any limitations. Anyone may download any app or file that contains malicious content. Hackers can access and control the device to copy confidential data and misuse it in either way.


  • Excessive Downtime

Managing each enterprise device requires high costs and time. Businesses operational in various locations are more affected when technicians travel to the places to diagnose and troubleshoot device issues. It takes plenty of time, and travel costs are also involved.


2- How can MDM remote management be beneficial to your business?

MDM remote management solutions are the best options to overcome these challenges. They provide remote features for businesses to control attended and unattended devices.

AirDroid Business MDM is one of the best solutions for managing enterprise-owned Android devices. It has the power to meet all business endpoints like security and management to ensure business continuity. AirDroid Business is authorized software launched by Sand Studio in 2018 to empower businesses with stress-free working. It is adapted worldwide because it ensures complete visibility of the enrolled devices and enables enterprises to comply with various industry security standards.



2.1- Important Features of AirDroid Business MDM to Support Enterprises

  • Remote Controlling

AirDroid Business allows enterprises to monitor all activities of enrolled devices remotely. Admins can monitor real-time data of the devices like device name, online or offline status, device model, network type, battery level, and storage space. They can take screenshots of the device and access the camera to see what is happening. AirDroid Business’ strong remote access, remote assistance, and remote control features for Android devices may be used easily and efficiently, lowering problem resolution time and enhancing customer satisfaction. Black Screen Mode is a technology that prioritizes privacy by AirDroid Business. The screen of the remote device will dim and an indication that “This device is under maintenance” will appear once an IT administrator activates it during a remote control session. However, the IT admin operation will not be impacted by the dark screen.

  • Multiple Enrollment

AirDroid Business MDM eases the device configuration process. Enterprises can remotely deploy unlimited devices into the organization’s management system simultaneously with all necessary applications and security settings via multiple enrollment. Zero-touch enrollment helps businesses set a list of pre-configured applications and settings that automatically integrate on the devices when enrolled with the company’s AirDroid Business account. You can also enroll AirDroid Business by these regular ways: QR code-based enrollment, EMM token enrollment, enrollment with USB, regular enrollment with code credential.

  • Kiosk Mode

Admins can manage application access on the devices and set them into purpose-built devices specialized to perform required tasks. It helps them block all unnecessary applications and even settings. Single app kiosk mode provides a constantly-displayed single interface to the devices. Admins can also set up multiple apps to access using multi-app kiosk mode.

  • Customizable Policies

AirDroid Business enables enterprises to set security settings according to their business needs or industry standards. Admins can set strong password policies, multi-factor authentication, remote lockdown, remote wipe and factory reset to keep the data secure. They can also control the device access for different designations.

  • Geofencing

MDM Geofencing allows employers to see where their employees spend time by displaying a real-time tracking map and alerting them when they leave their assigned “geofenced” area. You may more efficiently control the mobile devices of your employees using AirDroid MDM by limiting their app usage, locking them when they are not on an allowed website, preventing them from removing or deleting the app, and much more.

  • Application Management

AirDroid Business app management feature offers improved security measures like app-level encryption, which helps safeguard critical data. In order to increase productivity and lower expenses, AirDroid Business functionality enables effective app management across all devices.

  • Automate Alerts

Administrators and managers may access the most recent device performance with MDM alerts and workflows instead of always keeping a watchful eye on the display to monitor the remote devices and manually refreshing pages every few minutes. Using AirDroid Business’s MDM alerts for your company has various benefits, including lowering personnel expenses, decreasing device downtime, getting timely notifications of important events, and improving overall business efficiency.


3- Role of MDM Remote Management in Different Industries

  • Retailers

Retailers can use MDM solutions to streamline various routine tasks. It helps them provide self-service kiosks for customers to purchase and pay online. They can use MDM to restrict enterprises’ device usage so it is convenient to keep an eye on the proper functioning of the equipment at all times.


  • Transport and Logistics

One of every four accidents in the US is due to mobile usage while driving. MDM remote management plays a vital role in avoiding drivers’ distractions while on the road by restricting device usage and notifications. Admins can remotely monitor and control the device usage of drivers and can also check their real-time location to track the delivery status and update it accordingly. With AirDroid Business remote support, admins can easily resolve equipment technical problems.


  • Healthcare

MDM remote management helps the healthcare industry always to be ready for emergencies. It helps them keep the devices timely updated and notify them when the battery is lower than a certain limit. With MDM, healthcare management can facilitate patients with instant appointment scheduling and smooth transactions without waiting. It saves patients time and energy and provides more convenience.


4- Things to consider before selecting an MDM solution

You must focus on these factors before choosing the right MDM solution for businesses:

  • Scalability

MDM solution must have the ability to enhance its abilities when the business grows. It should be able to enroll unlimited devices to avoid additional tools. The security of business content is one of the critical priorities of any business. A good mobility solution enables the organization to upload, distribute and modify the content from the central dashboard to the enrolled devices.


  • Device Deployment Procedures

Device deployment methods can directly affect the productivity of the business. Choose the software that offers pre-configured settings and auto-enrollment. AirDroid Business offers various ways of enrollment, including Android Enterprise, QR code-based enrollment, EMM token enrollment, enrollment with USB, and regular enrollment with code credentials. Besides, you can use zero-touch enrollment.


  • Pricing

Please keep the quality and features high. Choose reasonable software with affordable prices, complete security and remote management. AirDroid Business has a flexible pricing scheme, so you can purchase add-ons according to your business needs, without having to buy all add-ons for each plan.


  • Security Management

The software must ensure customizable security policies to comply with specific industry standards. The security of business content is one of the critical priorities of any business. A good mobility solution enables the organization to upload, distribute and modify the content from the central dashboard to the enrolled devices.



No one can maintain the continuity and development of business without digital and interactive smart devices in this current era. These devices not only attract customers but also streamline work management. We will find these devices in markets such as kiosks, digital signage, handheld smartphones, and tablets. The most important thing is to utilize them efficiently; otherwise, they can also badly impact your business. You must use MDM remote management solution depending on the OS, like AirDroid Business for Android, to strengthen your working abilities. AirDroid Business offers a 14-day free trial to check its incredible features and buy the premium version.

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