What are industrial chillers?

Water chillers, also called industrial chillers, are complex and essential systems for maintaining a constant temperature inside factories and other production buildings.

Cooling the working environment ensures perfect functioning of the machinery and contributes to the safety of the workers inside and outside the factiry. This is why it is important to understand which chiller is suitable for your company and how to install it correctly in workplaces where the most heat develops. how to make profit

What is a chiller for

Industrial chillers are used to ensure the least possible dispersion of heat within a factory or warehouse where production processes are carried out. Regardless of the efficiency of the machinery, each process develops a higher or lower amount of heat, with a consequent dispersion of energy and an increase in the temperature inside the room.

Thanks to industrial chillers, the temperature remains below a certain threshold and guarantees:

  • less energy consumption;
  • a more eco-friendly approach to the industry;
  • greater safety for workers;
  • less production machinery overuse;
  • significant savings for the company.

All this has repercussions both on the corporate culture and on the safety of the working environment, making the factory a safe, efficient and less polluting place.

Which industries need an industrial chiller? We could say that these machines are always useful, because any production process releases heat and energy into the air and can therefore benefit from a cooling system. In European countries, according to the European regulation (EU) 2016/2281 for high temperature chillers (SEPR HT) and (EU) 2015/1095, having industrial chillers is a way to make the environment safer for those who work inside. and nearby.

Types and functioning of industrial chillers

These machines, made by special companies with increasingly advanced technologies, consist of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator. All these elements together operate differently according to the type of chiller (using air or water).

However, the primary goal is the same: to cool the production environment in order to ensure the best efficiency of the machinery and greater safety of the factory’s workers. Dimensions, power and positioning of the chillers depend on numerous factors including the size of the space to be cooled, the machinery used and the type of production processes that take place inside the factory.

To give an example, a place where mechanical parts are produced and one where food is produced on an industrial level will have very different refrigeration needs. For this reason, in addition to industrial air or water chillers, the companies that produce these machines often also make custom-made chillers, which perfectly respect the working conditions of the factory in question.

Air-conditioning or process chillers?

Another big difference must be made between air conditioning and process chillers. The former have greater flexibility of use because they work at different temperatures and operating conditions, while the latter have a more systematic operation.

Turning to expert manufacturers, specialized in the construction of industrial chillers for different industries and production facilities, is the best way to get the right machinery that guarantees efficiency and safety to your business.


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