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Understanding the Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

As of January 2021, about 83% of Americans agreed that PPE protects people from Covid-19. Despite those beliefs, only about 50% always or mostly wore masks in public.

So, what gives?

Why are people’s actions not lining up with their beliefs? It could be that they don’t know the importance of personal protective equipment. Or, it could be that they don’t understand who needs to wear PPE and when.

If you fall into this category, then we can help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about PPE now and in the future.

What’s PPE?

So, what exactly is PPE anyway? Personal protective equipment describes types of safety clothing and devices. They’re used to reduce the risk of potential harm. PPE gets worn in situations where harm is likely or known hazards exist.

Here are some common examples of PPE:

  • Face masks
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or eye protection
  • Earplugs
  • Respirators
  • Body suits
  • Hard hats

Look on https://masterbrands.us/pages/safety-apparel/ for more examples.

In a nutshell, this equipment gets used to reduce the likelihood of an injury or illness. That does not mean that it’s 100% effective, nor does it take away the risks of hazardous activities. It does mean that it reduces your chances of getting hurt, though.

Who Needs Personal Protective Equipment?

So, who needs to wear PPE? It makes sense to wear this type of equipment when hazards are well-known. It’s also a good idea to wear PPE when hazards are likely, too. Here is a run down of the types of occupations where PPE is not only helpful but required by law:

  • Construction
  • Dentistry
  • Health Care

There are no laws regulating the actions you take in private. It is a good idea, though, to wear PPE if you engage in a hazardous activity. If you’re doing a DIY construction project, for example, use the right gear!

The Importance of Safety Clothing

Safety clothing in the form of PPE protects not only yourself but others, too. Some PPE protects against germs, viruses, and bacteria. It can prevent the spread of those between you and another person.

Other types of PPE prevent you from getting hurt if someone else makes a mistake. PPE can be lifesaving, so don’t take it for granted.

If you’re an employer, then it protects your employees and your business. Remember, you’re liable for your employee’s losses if they get injured. You need to ensure you’re complying with the law, which might mean providing PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment Now and in the Future

Did you know about personal protective equipment and its importance before 2020? Unless you work in a field that uses it often, you might not have been aware. Now, though, you should feel empowered to use this knowledge to protect your health.

Personal protective equipment isn’t the only thing your business needs to know about. You need to keep up with all the latest trends, and that’s where we can help. Head over to our main blog page now to see more of our best content.

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