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Understanding the Different Types of Hosting


Are you planning to make a website?

Almost 2 billion websites exist across the globe today. Making your site stand out from competitors means optimizing its aesthetics and performance. The easiest way to achieve the latter is through your web hosting.

In this guide, we will discuss various types of hosting. Read on and determine the right choice for your website:

1. Shared Hosting

Among types of web hosting, shared hosting is perfect for entry-level websites. It is the simplest method for anyone to have a presence online. After all, it has a low price tag, making your site a low investment.

Your web host stores your website alongside others on the same server. All domains share the resources, such as RAM and CPU. It also has many helpful features like:

  • Website builders
  • Client email capabilities
  • WordPress hosting

The trade-off is sharing the server with other website owners. When resource usage surges, your user experience suffers. It’s only ideal when you own a small website with minimal traffic.

2. Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting setup allows total control over your web server. You rent the entire server, meaning your website monopolizes its resources. You also gain full root and admin access.

However, dedicated servers are more expensive than most other types of hosting. It makes them ideal for larger companies with higher website traffic. Shop here for a dedicated server package.

3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is all about using a network, allowing companies to consume computing resources like a utility. It allows users to put out as many as necessary without building and maintaining computing infrastructure.

The hosting system uses and spreads the used resources across several servers. It reduces the risk of downtime even when one or more servers malfunction.

Cloud hosting is easy to scale. You need only pay for the resources your business needs.

4. Managed Hosting

The majority of online hosting packages fall under this type. Hosting companies offer the following technical services:

  • Hardware and software setup and configuration
  • Hardware replacement
  • Tech support, patching, updating, and tracking
  • Maintenance

Your provider will look after your daily server management tasks. Choose a plan fitting your needs. The current web hosting market is thriving, meaning you are unlikely to run out of reputable options.

5. VPS Hosting

A virtual private server plan strikes a balance between a dedicated and shared server. It is unique since every website hosted within the server has a dedicated space. Your website gets more storage space and customization, but it can’t handle high usage spikes.

VPS hosting is a proper choice when you want dedicated hosting but lack the necessary knowledge.

Types of Hosting: Pick the Right Choice Now

These are the most common types of hosting around. Never let your lack of experience hinder your web development process. Use these as a reference to ensure you get the right web hosting type.

However, learning the types is only the beginning. Look for a reputable web hosting provider to make the most out of your investment.

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