Top 7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Marketing on Instagram

Top 7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Marketing on Instagram

A few years ago, Instagram was used to be just a photo-sharing platform and no one knew the marketing capabilities of Instagram. But, now Instagram has more than 1.25 billion worldwide active users and 600 million monthly active users. Instagram has surely established itself as a platform where you can grow your brand as well as the credibility of your business.

Since the introduction of Instagram marketing, many entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, and celebrities are leveraging the marketing benefits of Instagram. So, the time has come when you should do it too.

However, there are thousands of business owners or influencers who make mistakes while marketing on Instagram. They either neglect the importance of Insights or become too impatient. Remember that a single mistake in Instagram marketing can ruin the whole thing. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 mistakes you need to avoid while marketing on Instagram.

Keeping Your Instagram Account Private

Your marketing opportunities will be diminished if you keep your account private. Even though personal accounts can be kept private due to various reasons, but it’s a huge mistake to make your business account private too. If you want to boost your account after making it public, buy custom Instagram comments.

When you keep your business account public, you’ll have a higher chance of reaching out to a massive number of audiences. This will enhance your follower base rapidly. However, if an Instagram user feels interested in your products or business, but notices that you have a private account, they will immediately turn away from your business.

After looking at the private icon, the users will assume that you don’t want them or value them as customers. So, make sure you double-check while setting up your Instagram account.

You Upload Irrelevant Content with Low-Quality Images

While marketing on Instagram, remember that uploading irrelevant or random photos won’t work with your business account. No matter if you’re showcasing socialism, remember that you cannot share random content or images.

Share contents and images that are appropriate to your brand or business. Anything else would end up questioning your unprofessionalism. Even though it’s not a crime to upload random things once in a while, but it’s best to maintain the balance between relevant posts and random posts. As per Hootsuite, you need to share great images on Instagram.

Additionally, make sure you’re uploading high-quality images and videos of your business’s services and products. The images and videos must have high resolution so that they can reflect the brand’s image.

Not Engaging with Audiences

Engaging with users on Instagram is the key to growth. Engaging with your audiences will allow you to understand them better and vice versa. Additionally, you’ll get to know their dislikes and preferences.

Showcase your creativity and connect with your audiences. This is one of the greatest marketing techniques on Instagram. Users on Instagram will like and engage with your content if they feel interested. This interaction will grow your Instagram business account. However, if you don’t respond to them, they will stop appreciating your content. Remember that these users will improve your word-of-mouth marketing technique. No matter if you receive negative comments, use them as an opportunity to improve your business.

Users commenting and engaging with your posts means that they want to build a relationship with you. So, you must respond to them.

Avoiding the Instagram Analytics

It’s very important to pay attention to the analytics of your business’s Instagram account. If you want to know which content is gaining engagement and which content is wasting time, you need to use Instagram analytics.

Despite the importance, many business owners choose to avoid Instagram analytics. Hence, they end up missing some important information that could improve their business. Analysis data helps you to understand the engagement rate of your audiences including their interests and online shopping behavior.

Make sure you use Instagram analytics to check the web traffic as well as advertisement success rate and audience growth continuously.

You Don’t Include Website Links to Your Bio

The link to your website needs to be included in your Instagram bio to generate more traffic to the website. Instagram allows you to add one website link in the bio section.

If users like your products, services, or brand, they will follow your account. However, if they don’t see your business website URL on your bio, you will lose lots of opportunities to increase your followers and your business. Remember that a large chunk of your Instagram sales is dependent on the website link. Most entrepreneurs don’t include their business websites in their Instagram bio. But, you need to avoid making this mistake.

You’re Not Consistently Active

The uploading pattern of your Instagram account matters. It’s a very important marketing technique on Instagram. The more frequent you upload, the more followers you’ll achieve.

Boosting the follower’s base, developing and uploading quality content consistently on Instagram is undoubtedly a time-consuming job. But, you should never give up creating more content that is connected with the previous ones. This will help you to obtain followers.

Make sure you build a posting schedule as well as a content calendar. You can also make some plans for your uploading times. Apart from that, try to use different formats so that you can receive more attention from Instagram users.

Using Incorrect Hashtags

Hashtags are a very powerful marketing weapon on Instagram and if you want to leverage its benefits, you need to use hashtags correctly. The hashtags will boost the visibility of your posts so you must treat them as of importance.

Hashtags will also enhance your brand’s name and reputation. Users on Instagram will be able to find your business quickly if you use the correct forms of hashtags. However, you need to develop a hashtag marketing strategy. Make sure you have a plan to check the performance of the hashtags you’re using. If your hashtag marketing strategy isn’t helping you, contact IIgers.

Many brands don’t even use hashtags on Instagram and they still hope that users will find their business. You must avoid making this mistake.


These are the top 7 mistakes you need to avoid while marketing on Instagram. You might be making some of these mistakes while marketing on Instagram. But, it’s not too late to rectify your mistakes. Follow these tips if you want to build a great marketing strategy on Instagram.

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