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Top 5 Ways to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

At least 30 to 40% of the American food supply goes to waste. That amounts to several hundred billions of lost dollars, a waste of valuable resources, and plenty of people who still suffer from food insecurity.

Food waste happens at in produce fields, packaging facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, and in your very own kitchen. While it’s tough for the average consumer to stop waste at grocery stores or restaurants, you do have control over the food in your own home.

Luckily, there are some simple tricks that will help you enjoy fresher food and save money on your grocery bill. Read on to get some tips for keeping food fresh.

1. Line Your Crisper with Paper Towels

Excess moisture and condensation is the enemy for produce like spinach, zucchini, and cucumber. The extra moisture makes these vegetables break down sooner than they should.

A simple solution is to line your crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb that extra moisture. For spinach or other greens, try stashing a paper towel inside their bag or box. Some agricultural packaging solutions use this same concept to keep food fresher at the grocery store.

2. Rinse Berries In Vinegar

Another tip is to rinse your berries in a vinegar and water solution to make them last longer. Try a mix of one cup of vinegar to three cups of water.

Rinse them in the mixture and your berries will be protected from mold for at least a few more days.

3. Keep Bananas Together

While it may be handy for meal prepping breakfasts, separating your bananas can make them ripen faster. To keep your bananas looking yellow and spot-free for more days, simply keep them together on a hook.

You can also wrap the top of the stem with plastic wrap to extend their life by a few more days. If they’re too spotty, you can always freeze them in slices to add to smoothies or turn them into banana bread.

4. Store Tomatoes and Avocados On the Counter

You should always store tomatoes and avocados on the counter. Not only will they taste better, they’ll have a better texture too.

Once they’ve been cut though, stash them in the fridge. Another good tip is to avoid putting potatoes or onions in the fridge. This can make them spoil and affect their flavor.

5. Keep Herbs In a Vase

If you’ve bought fresh herbs, you know they don’t last very long. To extend their life, store them in vase-like flowers.

Add a few inches of water and change it every few days. Keep the herbs on the counter like flowers and they’ll last for up to a week. You can even keep a plastic bag over the top to create a greenhouse effect.

Enjoy Fresher Food Today

Fresher food is easy to keep on hand once you know these tips. You’ll enjoy delicious food without wasting money.

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