Top 5 Cars Which are Famous for Quality Legroom

Are you going to buy a car? Are you confused about which one to buy? We know everybody faces the same problem while buying a car for the first time. Although you will see thousands of YouTube reviews, it is still impossible to choose the perfect one unless you have first-hand experience.

Moreover, there is another tension of arranging for the fund to purchase your dream car. So, do not worry, as we are here to guide you. However, it has been observed that many car buyers often overlook the factor of leg space while buying a four-wheeler. While it is the most important thing and you will realise it later on during vacation.

Therefore, we enlist top 10 cars that offer huge leg space not to feel acute pain in the leg. But before we start, let us know why large legroom is important.

What is legroom in a car?

Specifically, a car comprises hundreds of features. Certainly, among them, every single requirement will not fulfil. But one should atleast try to buy a car which provides the ultimate comfort zone. To assure a cosy ride, you must ensure that the car is of good legroom.

Now, legroom is something that provides a passenger of the car to stretch his legs as much as possible. It plays an important role for the driver as well as passengers. Generally, a car with quality legroom is always preferable. Moreover, if your height is pretty long and more than 6 feet, then without having good legroom, you will find it difficult to enjoy the ride in the car.

While talking about quality legroom, it should not be less than 48 inches, and the headroom must cover 38 inches in height. This particular combination of headroom and legroom are considered an ideal one.

Importance of legroom

To drive safely – Driving any vehicle is associated with one common risk factor, such as an accident. Only, for this reason, people opt for car insurance. Unfortunately, if any person meets with an accident, then quality leg space can save a driver from a huge fracture. Due to the good quantity of space in front of the seat, one can save himself from banging against the front glass.

Less chance of pain – People who have arthritis are the worst sufferers due to small legroom. When there is no other option to reach the office without using a car, it becomes too painful for your legs to suffer from arthritis. On the other hand, cars which equipped with quality legroom are best suitable for those people and less chance of pain in the leg.

Top 5 cars which are famous for quality legroom


Suzuki Ignis  

Price: €15,820

Are you looking for a city car with a quality leg space facility? Then certainly, you might have missed this one because it will accomplish both these requirements. Besides, the car comprises two large rear seats that can easily slide back and forth to increase and decrease the legroom. Moreover, this particular car comes with other additional technology like a 3D view of the car too.

Honda Jazz 

Price: €20,185 

Do you want to buy the top model of Honda? Then it will be worth buying as it provides enough legroom as well as a flexible interior system. It clearly means that you can easily adjust leg space as per your choice. Besides, Honda Jazz also takes care of children, and by keeping this in mind, it created the middle seat for kids friendly. Therefore, it will definitely be a worthy purchase if you opt for used car finance in Ireland.

Skoda Octavia 

Price: €34,130 

Well, when it comes to the matter of huge leg space, there is no exception that Skoda always ranks higher. It has created its identification for long legroom and a spacious cabin. Besides, the seats are created in such a way so that more than 2 adults can easily fit into the back seat. Besides, it provides super mileage and is best for long drives.

Skoda Superb Estate 

Price: €27,995 

To begin with its extra features, we must say that it will be worth buying as estate cars are best known for huge leg space and good cabin area. For this reason, it has earned huge popularity since its launch. One can roll up the seats completely; therefore, turning the car into a van will not take long. However, driving may feel a little harsh on rough roads when you roll up the seats completely. Besides, fully artificial parking sensors work best to find out a suitable place to park the car.

Land Rover Discovery SUV

Price: €65,800 

Don’t just look at the price but try to judge the ability of the car. Although it takes a huge amount to buy the car, undoubtedly, it is worth buying. Being an SUV serves multiple benefits apart from legroom. It comes with a seven-seater which is specially designed for a weekend drive. Apart from this, it has enough leg space, which eases all the passengers to enjoy the true vibes of the weekend ride.

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