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Bathroom and Shower Floor Designing With Tiles

Your bathroom can be spacious or small, colorful or simple, but it should be relaxing. It’s not just a room for the bath, It is where you escape to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Why not design it beautifully and carefully with different types of tiles. There are endless options for tiles that can be used in the bathroom which can give you from a royal spa-like feel to a simple bathroom feel. Choosing bathroom and shower floor tiles carefully is equally important as choosing the tiles for the rest of the house. A luxurious and well-designed bathroom can relax your mind to an unimaginable extent. People nowadays are preferring porcelain mosaic tiles for bathrooms due to the amazing look and texture that suits the bathroom.

Let’s have a look at how can you decorate your bathroom and shower floors with tiles.

Tiles for Bathroom

Selecting tiles for the bathroom? We advise you to select something that looks great and trendy along with relaxing. Most people go for white and light blue color tiles for the bathroom which is also a good option. But along with the color you also need to look for the material of the tiles. There are many tiles suitable for the bathroom. Let’s have a look:

  1. Porcelain floor tiles for bathroom

Porcelain tiles are a long-lasting option for bathroom decoration. Porcelain tiles are sturdy, durable, and highly water-resistant, and don’t get scratched or stained easily. You can also create a beautiful effect with porcelain mosaic tiles in your bathroom. The best part is that they are available in various colors and designs.

Some of the porcelain tiles look like stone or wood which provides the more durable option. The Mate and glaze options available in porcelain mosaic tiles provide you with more chances to give your bathroom a personal touch. Also, you don’t need to compromise on rectangular or square tiles. Porcelain mosaic tiles are available in different shapes like hexagonal, round, diamond, etc. The bathroom always remains moist that’s why it can easily grow mold or mildew on walls. Porcelain mosaic tiles are non-porous and don’t allow mold to grow.

  1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of the same material as porcelain tiles but it is less finely ground. These tiles are hard-wearing and water-resistant but if sealing is done properly, they can be as durable as porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles can be used for both bathroom tiles and the floor to give a seamless look.

  1. Marble Tiles

Marble is the best tiling material for the bathroom. The veins of colors on its surface give the bathroom a texture. These tiles are suitable for both traditional and modern types of bathrooms. It’s a little costly but long-lasting and needs to handles with care.

Porcelain Floor Tiles for Bathroom

Porcelain floor tiles for bathroom are the one and only option suitable for serving the purpose as they are durable, slip-resistant, and perfect for bathroom floors. Although there are many options for bathroom floor tiles nothing can match the porcelain floor tiles for bathroom.

Tiles for Shower Floor

While choosing the tiles for the shower floor, you must check if they are approved for the shower floor or not and if they can withstand the moisture and the environment of the shower floor. Another thing to consider is if there is any slope on the shower floor. People mostly prefer porcelain mosaic tile for shower floor. Mostly, we come across incidents where people slip in the bathrooms and on the shower floor and get hurt badly. It’s all due to wrong tiles choices for the shower floor and bathroom. It is very important to choose the shower floor tiles smartly to avoid accidents without compromising the looks of your space. There are only a few tiles that can be used for shower floors. Mosaic is the best potion for this. Let’s have a look at the different options available for shower floor tiles:

  1. Porcelain Mosaic Tile for Shower Floor:

Porcelain mosaic tiles give endless options for different patterns and shapes for the shower floor. You can choose your favorite porcelain mosaic tile for shower floor provides you the pattern that fits your space like liner drains can fit amazingly into your sleek design. Porcelain mosaic tile for shower floor is slip-resistant.

  1. Ceramic Mosaic Tiles:

Like Porcelain Mosaic tile for shower floor, Ceramic mosaic tiles are also widely used by people to give a luxurious look to their shower place. The ceramic mosaic tiles are anti-slipping. Like porcelain tiles, It doesn’t absorb bacteria, doesn’t get stained, and is impervious to moisture. The textured finish of these tiles gives friction which is safe for wet feet.


Selecting tiles for bathroom and shower floor is a very responsible task as along with looks, it also requires the safety of the people going to use it. The tiles must be durable, hygienic, and anti-slip. The best option are Porcelain mosaic tile for shower floor and you can also go for ceramic mosaic tiles. The mosaic tiles are a good option as they provide a great look and their gout provides safety for wet feet. Also, porcelain floor tiles for bathroom can provide you the best look and serve you best.


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