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Top 3 Pro Tips for Lowering Your Electric Bill


The average electric bill is just over $115 a month. That amounts to $1,380 every year on the electric bill!

Keep in mind that’s an average. You could have a 2000 square foot home that costs much more than that to keep your home comfortable. Lowering your electric bill is a necessity.

If you want to save money, you have to find ways to lower your costs on the electric bill in any way you can. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Read on to find out three ways you can lower the electric bill and save money.

1. Have a Home Energy Audit

What can a home energy audit do for your electric bills? It can help you find issues with energy leaks. Those areas of the home where air escapes or enters your home.

These energy leaks like a small window draft may not seem like much. However, when you discover that you have several of these leaks, you’ll find the leaks add up to a high electric bill.

Many utility companies offer energy audits to homeowners for free or for a small fee. Check with your company to learn more.

2. Don’t Ignore Your HVAC Unit

Do you know when most people start to think about their HVAC systems? When it breaks down. Luck usually has it so the HVAC system breaks down on the hottest or coldest days of the year.

Good luck getting someone to repair it fast!

The best way to avoid that situation is to prevent it from happening to begin with. You can’t completely eliminate the possibility of your system breaking down.

You can do everything you can to prevent it, though. Make sure that you change the air filters every six months to keep the air flowing. If you live in an area that had its share of wildfire smoke, you’ll want to change it sooner.

You should schedule maintenance and inspections in the spring and fall seasons to ensure your unit is efficient.

3. Update Your Electrical Systems

Some homes are so old that they stack electrical updates on top of one another. It’s like layering new duct tape over old duct tape to cover up a bad situation. Over many years, you have an unsafe environment.

You’ll need to get an electrical contractor to do most of the work, but you can work with them to get affordable breakers. Companies like Bay Power or your local electric supply store have the parts you need.

Since you’re already investing in new electrical wiring, you can also update your appliances. Energy Star-rated appliances are sure to lower your electric bill. Some appliances might qualify for rebates as well.

It’s Time to Lower the Electric Bill

What do you need to do to get a lower electric bill? These three tips show that it’s pretty easy. Start with a home energy audit. Keep your HVAC unit maintained and update your appliances.

Need more tips to save money? Check out the other articles on this site!

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