Tips to maintain the RO water purifier


    One of the top-most requirements of every family in today’s time is to drink healthy and safe water, which they can get by installing the best RO filter at home. Such RO filters are based on the latest technology of reverse osmosis which uses multiple stage filtration process in order to remove the unwanted contaminants from the water. These water purification technology has thin membranes through which when the water is passed it keeps all the salts, chemicals and other impurities away and gives pure water fit for drinking.

    There is attached an outlet pipe through which all the impure water is flushed out. But once the water filter is installed, the job doesn’t get over. These RO so fitted need proper maintenance where one can contact Eureka forbes ro customer care number jalandhar.

     Ways to maintain the RO so installed- If proper care and service of RO is not done on time, one may end up drinking contaminated water which can be harmful to the body.

    • Filter change- The RO purifier has in it the main part i.e. the filter that needs replacement after approximately 3 months. When the filter is contaminated from water clogging the filters after a short span of time needs to be replaced. If action is not taken and cleaning of the water purifier is not done frequently it will affect its filtration capacity and the quality of water. Continuing using filters without changing may cause the impurities to transfer to the water that you drink.
    • Changing sediment filter- Where the water is too hard, some people consider attaching a sediment filter to the main RO system. This filter helps in removing impurities in the water. This filter helps to stain out the sediments and dirt particles from entering the main RO system. It is required to be changed atleast once a year.
    • Get RO membrane changed- The semi-permeable membrane so present in the RO through which the water is passed leaving behind all the impurities, needs to be replaced every two-three months. But this changing process may also vary according to the quality of water and its total usage.
    • Carbons- There is one more filter i.e. the carbon filter in the RO that also requires service after every year. This filter affects the performance of the RO membrane and has a direct impact on the taste and odor of the water that we drink.
    • Check for any drips and leaks- In case if any sort of leaks or drips is seen in the RO system, a service call to the Eureka forbes call centre jalandhar should be made as these leaks may damage the machine affecting the quality of water.

    In order to have the optimal performance of the machine and have purified water, it is essential to keep a timely check on the service and the parts of RO system. These service centres are imbibed with the best quality after-sales service agents, making the RO deliver its best performance.

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