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 Tips for making your home more energy efficient

The last year has seen the cost of living soar. Prices for everything from food to fuel have been rising and, while the UK has avoided slipping into a recession despite no economic growth in February, times are still hard for many of us right now. 

One of the main reasons for the price hikes is the rising rate of inflation. Interest rates have been put up 11 times in a row in order to slow prices, but inflation was at 10.1% in March – way above the 2% goal set out by the Bank of England. 

The main driving factor behind these high inflation rates is the cost of energy. Several factors have impacted on the price of energy. One of these was the war in Ukraine, which meant less fuel was accessible from Russia. Also, there was greater demand for fuel after restrictions eased post-Covid. 

With bills for gas and electricity higher than ever, many households are finding it hard to budget for these unprecedented payments. If you’re trying to find ways to cut back on energy consumption in order to prince the bills down, here are some tips to make your home more energy efficient. 

Turn the thermostat down

Turning your heating down by even just two or three degrees can have a significant impact on your bills. While this is not so easy to do during the colder winter months – especially if you have young children – making this adjustment where possible can bring costs down. In fact, it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways of reducing energy use and saving money. 

Add insulation

Insulation can be a real game changer if you’re trying to keep the heat in and bills down. Heat easily escapes through entry points, such as roofs, windows, doors and floors. 

Take the time to check your loft is fully insulated and add external wall and floor insulation in order to keep the heat in. Additionally, using draught excluders, curtains, and rugs can add an extra insulating layer. 

Additionally, insulation is one of the key points that potential home buyers are looking out for right now, given the current energy crisis. So, if you’re considering selling or you’re already in the process of prepping your property for putting it on the market, add insulation to the list of top priorities. 

Don’t leave things on standby

Switching off your electrical appliances by the wall might seem like an extra job, but by leaving power on and appliances on standby, you’re using energy unnecessarily. Flicking the switch can help to reduce wasting energy in the home, which is both good practice from an environmental standpoint, and good for your budget. 

Bleed the radiator

Bleeding your radiators will release air bubbles in them. This will increase the heat output, allowing you to reduce the amount of time the heating is switched on for. This, in turn, uses less energy to heat your home.

How will you make your home more energy efficient?

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