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Things to Consider when Shipping Delicate Items

As any seasoned delivery professional can attest, a lot can go wrong when a package is in transit. Depending on a package’s contents, even a mild amount of jostling or exposure to extreme temperatures can result in significant damage. As such, when shipping delicate items, it’s imperative that the proper precautions be taken. Although shipping companies are sometimes to blame for packages arriving broken or damaged, the fault often lies with the sender. Putting the following tips to good use can help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your next delicate shipment.

How Much Cushioning Does the Cargo Have?

Items that are highly susceptible to breakage should be equipped with ample cushioning before being shipped. This cushioning comes in many different varieties and be purchased from virtually any store that specializes in shipping supplies. While some items may benefit from traditional packing peanuts, others require the assistance of impact-absorbing airbags. If you don’t have much experience shipping fragile cargo, reach out to people who work at shipping supply stores and/or freighting companies. In all likelihood, these individuals will be able to make educated recommendations regarding the type of cushioning you’ll need.Additionally, if you’re shipping large machinery or machine components, a reliable vibration sensor may be just what you need.

How Sensitive Is the Cargo to Extreme Temperatures?

Extreme temperatures are another factor to be mindful of when dealing with delicate cargo. Temperature is particularly important when shipping food and other perishable items. The type of temperature aid you’ll need varies depending on the type of item you’re shipping, but state-of-the-art cooling packs and miniature coolers can often prove useful in keeping food from spoiling. Insulated boxes and removable insulation pouches can also help packages maintain a consistent temperature throughout their journeys.

For maximum protection, temperature-sensitive packages should be equipped with special labels that make note of their fragility. This will ensure that delivery personnel don’t expose these packages to potentially damaging temperatures for extended periods. Temperature indicators and loggers can also prove helpful in this endeavor.

How Dependable is the Shipping Company?

Any shipping company you do business with should offer special options for fragile packages and have a decent track record when it comes to delivering packages in their original condition. When shipping delicate cargo, you need to have confidence that the company you select will approach the job with the appropriate level of caution. Furthermore, before your package is shipped out, confirm that it’s been outfitted with the right labels, as labels can have a tremendous impact on the way packages are handled while en route to their destinations.

Few things are more frustrating than receiving a long-awaited package and discovering that its contents are damaged or broken. While it’s true that some shipping mishaps are unavoidable, taking the proper precautions can significantly diminish the odds of something going wrong while a package is en route to its destination. With this in mind, take care to put the previously discussed pointers into practice the next time you ship delicate items.

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