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The Ultimate Dental Implant Marketing Guide for Dummies

Did you know there are around 178 million Americans who are missing at least one tooth? That’s a huge market for dental procedures, such as implants!

But just because there are so many people who need this service doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be easy to get them into your practice. You need a good dental implant marketing campaign in order to do so.

Want to hear more? Then here’s a quick guide to dental implant marketing!

Market to the Right Audience

In all types of marketing, there’s nothing worse than sending out irrelevant messages. Not only is this a waste of time and marketing spend, but you also face alienating both your current and potential patients.

You probably already have a great digital database with all your patients’ information, so take advantage of it! You can generate reports that can separate your patients by certain parameters, such as their age and time at your practice.

Considering implants are usually needed for older people and those with more dental problems, you can then sift through all this data and target these people.

Write Blog Posts

Blogs are one of the easiest ways to get online traffic. They’re cost-effective and bring organic traffic in, which means it might take a little time to see results. However, when you do, they’ll be fantastic!

Use these posts to show your knowledge in the industry and to explain dental implants to those who land on your website. This can help take the mystery and fear out of implants and help motivate patients to make an appointment.

Use Social Media

It might sound weird, but social media marketing is actually one of the best dental implant marketing ideas around! Most people are on the internet nowadays, so they’re bound to see your posts.

Some good platforms to focus on are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If that feels overwhelming, then focus on just one or two at first.

Get a social media management tool so you’re not overloaded with work. For example, it can help you automate posts so it looks like you’re posting consistently over the week when in reality, you’ve scheduled them all on Monday! And you can use these posts to promote the blog posts you’ve created.

Get Your Staff in on It

Their salaries hinge on the success of your dental practice, so make your staff work! When you’ve got a dental implant marketing plan fleshed out, the next step is to involve your employees.

Of course, this is a whole other issue to deal with. How can you motivate your team to close more cases? Well, you can offer monetary incentives, for example. For more ideas, view this article!

Perfect Your Dental Implant Marketing

When you can do your dental implant marketing just right, you’ll definitely see it pay off. Appealing to potential patients who need your services in the right way can make a huge difference in your business! So take the time to get your dental implant marketing perfect and use the tips you’ve learned here.

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