The Pros and Cons of In-House Marketing in 2021


    Are you about to embark on a marketing campaign for your business? Are you trying to decide if you should do it in-house or outsource? If so, then you need to know the pros and cons of both before you spend your budget.

    While both have advantages, finding what is right for you takes trial and error. Below, we help answer the question between the pros and cons of in-house marketing.

    In-House Marketing Pros

    The benefits of in-house digital marketing are that your own employees know your brand. They know the look, feel, and language of your company. Therefore, it makes it easier for them to bring this through in everything from social media posts to ad creation.

    In addition, they are always within reach. If they have any queries, or you do, then they can be resolved immediately.

    Finally, you get to stay in control. When you hand over to an agency, you need to know they understand what you want and that you can trust them. If you are working with an in-house digital marketing team, you will always have control.

    In-House Marketing Cons

    The main downfall to a permanent digital marketing team is the cost. You have to employ people as full-time workers. This entails all the taxes, holiday pay, and employee benefits that go with it.

    There may be times when your marketing team has less to do. This means you are paying labor costs that are being wasted.

    In addition, if a team member leaves your business you may be at a significant loss for expertise. It can take time and effort to replace that person with a specific skill set.

    Outsourcing Pros

    When you outsource digital marketing, you are gaining access to expertise and skill bases you are unlikely to have in your company. As a specialist company, they will also have experience and knowledge from many previous campaigns that you may not have.

    All of this means that they will probably be at the cutting edge of digital marketing practices. They will keep up with trends, and often have access to new technologies or the knowledge to implement them.

    In addition to this, you also have the huge opportunity to save cost. You hire the agency for a one-off campaign and when this ends, you can either choose to do another campaign or return later. Click here to find out more about the amazing benefits.

    Outsourcing Cons

    The cons for outsourcing are very few. One of these may be that you do not have control over staffing at the agency. Someone may leave who you have been dealing with on a project, and you may have to wait to switch over.

    Find a Trusted Company

    In-house marketing and outsourcing choices come down to what you want as an organization. When finding a digital marketing company, you need to check reviews and speak to other clients before making the choice.

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