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The Importance of Product Packaging Design: A Guide

The secret to consumer psychology behind packaging design lies in making a lasting first impression. In fact, 72% of Americans make a purchasing decision based on the design of a product’s packaging alone.

That said, great packaging could be the main difference between your product being chosen over your competitor’s product.

What does excellent product packaging design really consist of, though? Well, we’ve got those answers for you ahead.

Read on to learn more about the influence of product packaging design on customer purchasing behavior.

What Is Product Packaging Design?

Product packaging design is the exterior packaging design and its printed graphics and information for your product. This process will include materials for the actual packaging, graphics, type font, and other information to be printed.

We exist in an era of social media influencers and high-speed communications. As a result, there are product reviews, photos, and videos being shared every day. In fact, 40% of consumers will share a photo on their social media page if your package was unique and branded.

Product packaging becomes the first in line representative for your brand, helping sell your product and make it stand out from your competition. Its design should not be a last-minute detail slapped on your product for shipping or shelving.

The Fundamentals of Product Packaging Design

Understanding the fundamental aspects involved in product packaging design is only the beginning of the design process. If you don’t understand these fundamentals about product branding, it will be tough to complete your products package design.

Let’s take a look at those pieces of the design process now.

Understand Your Product

What type of product are you selling? Is it fragile or time-sensitive, and perishable? Do you have the weight and dimensions of your product?

These logistical questions should be known in advance before the packaging design process begins.

Depending on your product, you may not need eccentric packaging. However, the type of font and graphics will need to be exceptional. Or, maybe a simple label will suffice.

Are you selling luxury nail care serums? Then you may want to take a look at these types of bottle closures for your product. Understanding your product will immediately help you cut down on unnecessary packaging design mistakes and costs.

Understand Your Customer

Your customer is the last in line deciding on your product. They are the ones spending the money and using your product. That said, do you have a general profile of your ideal customer.

Do they have large disposable incomes? Or, are they budget conscious? Are they environmentally conscious and want re-usable or recyclable packaging? Or, are they okay with a bit of wasteful packaging?

Where Is the Product Being Sold?

Is your product being sold at high-end boutiques, organic supermarkets, or upscale malls? Maybe your product is exclusively sold online, and the customer only sees it once it arrives at their home.

You will need to carefully consider the materials used in the packaging of your products, depending on the location and demographic you are trying to appeal to.

Who Are Your Competitors?

Go ahead, check out the competition. We’re sure you already have. Anyone involved in a business is naturally curious about the competition they are facing.

See what brands offer the same or similar product that you are trying to market. See what materials they use. What size packaging and graphics are they using?

Understanding your competitor’s product better helps you know your product.

Create a Product Packaging Design That Sells

An outstanding product packaging design is the gift-wrapped presentation for your product. It creates the desire to be held and opened by your next customer.

Bland product packaging screams, “I am a large-scale industrial manufacture working to produce a cheap product for maximum profit.” Simple design does not necessarily mean “bland,” though.

We hope that you have found at least a little inspiration with the help of this concise guide on product packaging design. If you did, then head over to the business section of our blog for more helpful information!

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