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The Growth of UX in the Technical World


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It seems as though the tech world has taken over all aspects of daily life and its newest obsession is UX. This technical specialty refers to user experience (UX) and essentially is the process of how things work. While traditional business metrics measure performance and success through conversion rates and impressions, there is a new nuance in the internet age. UX is among the most searched skills in employers and has readily been valued in industries such as marketing and business analysis. 

UX: Then and now 

Businesses have long understood the importance of user interface (UI), which is essentially how things look online. After a decade of innovation and growth, the technical world knows that beautiful landing pages and creative layouts have become the standard. We live in an area of convenience, and learning how to increase user experience, better known as UX, is the key to finding success in the business world. 

Content marketing has dramatically evolved from the era of billboards and “guerilla marketing.” We can see this demand continually rise with the growth of specific platform engineered for content marketing (this is content marketing software company as an example). 

Consumers have expressed their deterrent to traditional marketing, and businesses have adapted to level the enhanced playing field. One of the driving forces of UX’s growth is the development of CDP (consumer data platforms). Successful marketing is a delicate balance between consumer data and what changes should incur. 

The importance of CDPs in UX

UX concerns itself with the user and how best to improve their interaction with the business/company. We live in an era of customization, so there is no longer a “mass approach” to marketing. Consumer data platforms work to create a profile for every user. Personally identifiable information (PII) is stored alongside other essential data to help businesses build a comprehensive user view. This data can then be accessed and analyzed by the company. Knowing your consumer is the first step to nurturing a better relationship with potential and existing customers. 

The applicability of CDPs

Data collected from CDPs are specific, which can help companies understand the demographics of potential and existing consumers. A good profile generated from the CDPs will allow for enhanced UX design. Having just seven key personae about a user can completely restructure the user experience. 

As most people know, the business world is ever-changing, including web design and user experience. Collecting personalized information allows for the best UX practices and principles to be completed. Understanding that individuals will constantly be evolving is the best way for businesses to stay competitive. In addition, segmentation and improvement are easily drawn from the information provided by CDP. 

Why customer data is important in UX

Understanding the individual user helps companies establish the purpose of their user’s visit and improve retention or garner more visitors. The data surrounding when users “bounce” or “leave” can also help companies correlate the possible factors for departure and isolate issues. An improved, personalized, and interactive journey is the primary purpose of UX. 

Like many things in the business world, UX is multi-faceted. It is both scientific and full of emotional nuances. To fully understand and nurture a relationship with a consumer is a difficult task, but learning as much information about them can significantly improve a business’s chance of success. Consumer data will always be an essential aspect of UX. 

The influence of consumer data on UX and web design 

The complexity of interactions between humans and technology is not easily bridged, even by UX. Having consumer data at the forefront of UX development has changed and revolutionized many aspects of consumer-focused technology. 

Web design is a large portion of UX as varying consumer bases will be attracted by different designs. Knowing your consumers’ primary age, sex, and background will allow for more effective delivery of the optimal intuitive design. Women and men have different preferences for visual design, with the latter preferring more standard designs and darker colors. Sex is one of the most vital factors businesses consider before choosing font, visuals, and themes. 

Technology has greatly evolved, as has the range of technological expertise. Age is an invaluable data point for UX. Older consumers will prefer a simpler website as their demographic is less likely to understand complex digital interactions. As a result, a simple and basic layout will do well with an older consumer base. In contrast, the younger generation who are more technologically adept prefers a more stimulating and innovative internet experience. 

The future of UX

UX is a relatively new field, as is the consideration of CDPs when making UX/UI choices. There is still much to learn about the balance between data and design when it comes to achieving the best user experience. Marketing, technology, and many other industries have grown to see the applicability of UX and how its intuitive designs can garner and cultivate great consumer relationships. The future of UX is still unknown, but its importance on data has proven immensely valuable to users everywhere. UX will likely continue to play a prominent role in consumer marketing for the foreseeable future. 

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