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The Challenges Facing Asylum Seekers In The U.S and How To Support Them

Understanding Asylum in the U.S.

An asylum is a protection offered to people who have fled their homeland and are reluctant to return due to the fear of persecution or threat to their life. An individual’s life may be in danger for several sons inc, including his race, religion, nationality, political opinions, or affiliation with a particular social group.

If you are within the U.S. territory and are unwilling to return to your home country due to the fear of persecution, you may apply for asylum. You can be granted political asylum or refugee status under the Refugee Act if you fulfill the requirements of an asylum seeker under U.S. state law.

Challenges to Access Health Care for Asylum Seekers

Most refugees and immigrants come to the U.S. as war, conflict, natural disaster, or environmental damage affectees with limited access to food, clean water, hygiene, and other essential commodities. They are almost always prone to accidental injuries, hypothermia, birth complications, burns, etc. Furthermore, their poor health condition and lack of access to adequate medical care make them vulnerable to infectious diseases like measles and water-borne diseases like malaria or dengue.

And since they are a diverse group, each requires specific health care, which may differ from the native medical care available to the local populace. Besides their deteriorating physical health, the refugees and migrants also face a risk of poor mental health incurred by the traumatic and tragic experiences they witness throughout their migration. This includes their susceptibility to anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, sadness, loneliness, and perhaps PTSD from separation from their loved ones. Even though many of them overcome their mental health concerns over time, psychological aid may sometimes be required to help them cope with their overwhelming emotions.

Despite their difficulties in accessing adequate health care, the main concern arises when this minority population is marginalized and pushed towards low living standards due to discrimination in accommodation, employment, and limited access to proper health care facilities. Moreover, refugees and immigrants are often sidelined and often ignored in national programs for health care, disease awareness, and prevention, treatments, and even health insurance, which means they have to pay higher bills and still receive substandard medical attention, lack of cultural interpreters for medical professionals, and face social stigma against immigrants.

Women seeking safety from sexual violence often face delays or slow answers from medical facilities, although these difficulties are mitigated for those with any disability. Young migrants who experience trauma and distress from being victims of child abuse and exploitation also face difficulty accessing the medical care they need.

Immigrant’s Access To Counsel

Even though the immigrants can file their cases at the immigration court, the expense is usually incurred by the immigrants. Since immigrant deportation is a civil law, an immigrant facing deportation charges is not protected under the constitution of the Sixth Amendment. Moreso, the criminal justice system allows each defendant spending even a single night behind bars to appoint an attorney of their choice, a detained immigrant is given no such liberty. It gets more complicated for migrants detained in isolation to access counsel. This leaves the migrants lacking a fair hearing at the court.

In the current court statistics, the lack of representation for deportation cases of migrants can be seen rising consistently. In the recent standing cases for removal proceedings, around 60% of the migrant defendants are represented by an attorney, which increases their chances of avoiding deportation and receiving legal relief.

Other Barriers Faced By The Migrants

Apart from facing challenges in accessing adequate health care and counsel facilities in the foreign nation, there are many other challenges a migrant has to face while adjusting to their new life;

  1. Communication Barrier

The language barrier is one of the most prominent challenges every migrant has to face since they are expected to adapt to the foreign language instead. Still, failure to do also results in inadequate health and education facilities. They cannot communicate their needs to the concerned party, which also often results in the marginalization of their population.

  1. No Jobs Available

Job discrimination against migrants is one of the most common things to happen. Many migrants who are even working in the labor market are excluded from labor and safety protections that the local workers enjoy.

  1. Transportation Issues

Having reliable transportation is one of the essential parts of getting to run your daily errands. However, when it comes to immigrants, transportation options are limited due to the age-related reliability of the vehicles.

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