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What is the net worth of YouTube CEO and co-founder Susan Wojcicki? How much money does she make per year? What kind of compensation package does she receive? How much does she earn per employee? Is she wealthy or is she worth billions? Does she have any kids? If you are one of the many Internet users who has been fascinated by Google’s (goog) $12.9 billion acquisition of YouTube, you might want to know about the powerful woman who led it. Let’s take a look at Susan Wojcicki, the self-proclaimed “Queen of YouTube” with her net worth, salary, and other details.

Susan Wojcicki: Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Children

$765 million
Susan Wojcicki
Education Harvard University (BA) University of California, Santa Cruz (MS) University of California, Los Angeles (MBA)
Known for CEO of YouTube
Spouse(s) Dennis Troper ​ ( m. 1998)​
Children 5

Net Worth, Salary and Other Facts About Susan Wojcicki.

In the words of “The Lion King”, “all life is a battle.” The net worth of YouTube CEO and co-founder Susan Wojcicki is a result of hard work, determination, and great success with the YouTube videos she’s created.

YouTube CEO and co-founder Susan Wojcicki’s Net Worth

Since Google’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006, the Wojcickis have been celebrated for their success with YouTube, which today has more than 50 million unique monthly viewers. In light of this, it’s easy to forget that the former Google employee had to battle for her success. Today, she’s one of the richest YouTube executives in the world with a net worth of $2.5 billion, according to BusinessInsider. This makes her the 18th richest woman in America and the 6th richest in the world.

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The Difference, In Words and Words, Between Google and YouTube

Google is a multi-billion dollar company with a diverse portfolio of products and services. YouTube is a relatively new addition to this portfolio. So, how has Google’s relationship with YouTube evolved since its inception? The answer is: extremely well, in many ways. At first, the two companies were essentially rivals. Google needed YouTube to support its products and services, so it essentially bought the company. Since then, there’s been a seamless transition, with Google now serving as a majority shareholder in YouTube and owning a stake of more than 50%. In short: Google and YouTube are now synonymous with the word “video”. The two companies have gone from being competitors to partnering as one. Google even created a new term to describe this: “Mobile-first, responsive design, and intelligent optimization.”


The list of billionaires compiled here is a testament to the power of the internet. By integrating computers and computing power with the internet, it was only a matter of time before bigness took over. And when it comes to the case of the $12.9 billion Google acquisition of YouTube, we can say with confidence that the dominance of the internet is here to stay. If you are like many people who are fascinated by the wealth creation process of the richest people in the world, you might want to know about the powerful woman who led it.

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