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Cleopatra licciardo toivola


The life and legacy of Cleopatra has been well documented. Known as the Egyptian Queen, she ruled over the most populous land in the ancient world during the first century BCE. As a legendary figure and an important figure in history, you can celebrate the life of Cleopatra with these 7 unique ways. Ever wonder what it would be like to live for hundreds of years? Well, imagine being immortal and having endless power! That’s what Cleopatra did. She lived for almost two decades after reaching adulthood, ruling Egypt and numerous other territories in North Africa and Western Asia as sole monarch. Cleopatra was one of the most famous and infamous female rulers in history. She conquered many kingdoms and gained her status through intrigue, seduction, and cruelty but still managed to be loved by many men throughout her life. Many even married her but none succeeded to last for more than a few years.

Have Your Own Royal Wedding!

Contrary to popular belief, Cleopatra did not marry a commoner. Her first and only marriage was to the Greek royal Auletes, who was known for his cruelty and domination. The marriage was not a happy one and was annulled in 31 BCE. She then married her chief consort, Roman Pompey, which ended in a much happier marriage. Auletes and Pompey were married for about twenty years, during which time they had one son, Julius Caesar, who was her primary heir. After Caesar’s death in 45 BCE, she married his friend Mark Antony. The union was annulled after just seven months, and Cleopatra was forced to marry Mark Antony, who was even more abusive than Auletes. Although Antony had a child by Cleopatra, Ptolemy, this affair was marred by secret abortions and the deaths of many children. Cleopatra was forced to marry Antony again in 31 BCE. This time, he fathered Caesarion, who died in a pyramids in Egypt in 31 BCE. It was during this union that Cleopatra became pregnant for a second time. Caesarion was her only child from this marriage, and he was forced to watch as his mother and father died in exile.

Become Ruler Of The World

Although Mark Antony was Cleopatra’s first and only husband, she later became the co-ruler of Egypt alongside her son Caesarion. The two were very close and were even referred to as the “eunuchs of the East” for the incredible amount of governmental, spiritual, and cultural influence they wielded together. By all accounts, the relationship between Mark Antony and Cleopatra was a love match, and their marriage likely followed the same path. After being exiled from Rome, Antony travelled to Egypt and eventually married Cleopatra in 32 BCE. The two were very close and were even referred to as the “eunuchs of the East” for the incredible amount of governmental, spiritual, and cultural influence they wielded together.

Have An Iconic Death

Cleopatra’s reign as queen was filled with conflict. She was famous for her cruelty, which included the execution of her sister and her niece, as well as the infamous “sternewing of the nose” that had people in Alexandria writing poems about it. While Cleopatra was known for her cruelty, she also had a flair for the dramatic. She once had a phallic statue of her head made, and she would make sure to wear it during public appearances. One of the most memorable moments in Cleopatra’s life was when she and Mark Antony were betrayed and assassinated in 31 BCE. The assassination was carried out by a group of Roman senators who were jealous of Antony’s success as a ruler. They managed to trick Cleopatra into going to Antony’s home city of Alexandria to give him the false promise of a meeting. There, they killed her and set the city aflame. Both Antony and Cleopatra were probably killed in the ensuing chaos, and the two statues of them found in Alexandria were probably just left there as a warning.

Celebrate Success With New Appearing In A New Film

Despite her many flaws, Cleopatra is still celebrated as an Egyptian queen and a historical figure. Her beauty and grace, along with her political skills, made her an important cultural figure. A total of twenty-five films were made about her life, and each one is unique in its own way. There are three films about her life as queen, three films about her death, and eleven films about her life after exile. The first two films about Cleopatra, Cleopatra and Cleopatra: Needing Surveys and Cleopatra: Needing Secrets, star Mary Scott. Needing Surveys was made in 1951, and it was the first movie to star Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. It is based on a novel by Sybille de Trevet, and it tells the story of the Roman noblewoman whose marriage to Julius Caesar is faked to raise Cleopatra’s status in Rome. The 1957 film Cleopatra, directed by William Wyler, is perhaps the definitive representation of Cleopatra as a character. As the story goes, she received a vision that told her to look for the “key to her past and her future” in her love for Julius Caesar. From that moment on, she vowed to search for her true love, which is why she plays his role in this film. This is a beautiful and romantic film, and it is also the first movie to win seven Academy Awards.

The Birth Of A Billionaire

Unfortunately, many don’t know this, but Cleopatra was also an investor. In fact, she is generally credited with starting the first business in Egypt. The company she co-founded was called the Cleopatra Association for the Advancement of Culture and Civilization in Egypt. It was initially dedicated to improving the living conditions of Egyptian workers but later grew to include cultural and educational activities. The Cleopatra Association was responsible for many cultural and educational projects throughout Egypt’s history, and it was even behind the motto that Egypt is “the cradle of civilization.” The association was disbanded in 1859 and its assets were passed on to the government, but Cleopatra’s name lives on in the form of the Cleopatra Museum in Alexandria.

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