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Should You Know Before Buying Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind

People all over the world engage in various hobbies. Some of them do gardening while others go with hunting. No matter which hobby they prioritize, they ensure that they get the best potential out of it. Otherwise, all of their efforts may get shattered. And it happens quite a lot with hunters, especially duck hunters. Duck-hunting is considered as one of the most challenging game because hunters need to stay quiet and wait for a long time to hunt. Also, they need to travel through many rough conditions. They go through woods; they float over water with the help of the kayak and so more.

On top of that, duck hunting requires hunters to have a lot of right gears. Besides guns, ammunition, hunters also need a kayak for duck hunting. It is excellent hunting equipment.

Here, we are going to review the best duck hunting kayak that can draw the attention of any duck hunter. And it is the Beavertail Final Attack Kayak. Besides traditional features, it has some additional features which will surely amaze both kayakers and hunters.

Building Materials

The Beavertail Final Attack Kayak is manufactured from a sturdy material which is roto-polyethylene. As a result, it lasts for an extended time. Plus, this material makes the Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind lightweight. So, users can conveniently maneuver and transport the kayak. Besides that, it comes with molded-in wheels and tow-rope holes. And these features make transportation easier. Also, the kayak features the stabilizing holes which are located on its front and back.


The Beavertail Final Attack Kayak has a very convenient and user-friendly design. And so, it helps kayakers to reach hunting grounds where traditional boats fail to reach. It has been possible because of its ultra-low profile, which enables the kayak to float about four to five inches above the water.

Motor & Storage

As we know, a motor can help kayakers to reach their preferred hunting grounds easily. So, the Beavertail Final Attack Kayak supports a 2HP engine. It features a built-in transom that lets users attach the motor. Another significant feature of the kayak is it comes with an adequate storage room which allows hunters to keep their essential gears.

Blind & Camouflage Feature

The best feature of the kayak is it allows hunters to use it on the land as a blind. That means they can use the kayak both on the edge of the water and out in the water. Another essential feature of the kayak is its camouflage function. It features a cover that helps the kayak to get a camo pattern. And with that, it increases the possibility for ambushing. All these features make the Beavertail Final Attack Kayak an ideal option for duck hunters.


  • Comes with an adequate amount of storage
  • Constructed of high-quality materials
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to transport on land
  • Suitable for use in water and on the field
  • Allows users to hunt even in shallow waters
  • Supports the 2HP motor
  • Affordable price


  • Need to purchase cover separately


As there are several hunting kayaks available on the market today, so it becomes quite challenging for kayakers and hunters to find out a suitable kayak for duck hunting. But if you know how to narrow down the desired one by considering several factors, you won’t find choosing the kayak difficult at all. For that, first, you should check its materials to ensure durability. After that, you need to inquire about other essential features such as motor, design, weight, etc. However, if you are searching for an ideal duck-hunting kayak, you may choose the Beavertail Final Attack Kayak. It has all the features that can match any hunter’s needs.

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