Creating Your MySCAD Account

    To access your MySCAD login, you first need to create an account. Visit the official SCAD website and locate the “MySCAD” tab. Click on it and select the “Create Account” option. Follow the prompts to set up your unique account.

    Logging In

    Once you have your account, logging in is a breeze. Visit the “MySCAD” tab once more and enter your credentials. This will grant you access to a world of possibilities.

    Navigating MySCAD Dashboard

    After logging in, you’ll find a user-friendly dashboard that offers a seamless experience. From managing your courses to connecting with professors, it’s all at your fingertips.

    Exploring the MySCAD Portal

    The MySCAD portal is a treasure trove of features and resources designed to enhance your academic journey. Here are some key features you’ll find:

    Course Registration

    Registering for courses is a breeze through the MySCAD portal. Browse available courses, check your schedule, and make changes with ease.

    Accessing Course Materials

    Once enrolled, you can access course materials, assignments, and important documents through the portal. Stay organized and never miss a deadline.

    Connecting with Professors

    MySCAD login also allows you to communicate with your professors, seek guidance, and get feedback on your creative endeavors.

    Campus Events

    Stay up to date with campus events and never miss out on workshops, exhibitions, or other creative opportunities.

    MySCAD Login FAQs

    How do I reset my MySCAD login password?

    If you forget your password, simply click on the “Forgot Password” option on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

    What should I do if I can’t access MySCAD?

    If you’re having trouble accessing your MySCAD login, reach out to SCAD’s IT support for assistance. They are always ready to help you resolve any issues.

    Can I access MySCAD from my mobile device?

    Yes, the MySCAD portal is mobile-friendly, making it convenient to stay connected even on the go.

    How do I update my personal information on MySCAD?

    To update your personal information, log in to your MySCAD account and navigate to the “Profile” section. From there, you can make the necessary updates.

    Is MySCAD login the same for all campuses?

    Yes, your MySCAD login credentials remain the same, regardless of the SCAD campus you attend.

    How can I stay informed about campus news and events through MySCAD?

    Visit the “Campus Life” section within the portal to get all the updates on news, events, and activities happening on campus.


    Your MySCAD login is more than just a username and password; it’s your gateway to a world of creativity and learning. As you embark on your journey at SCAD, use this guide to make the most of your MySCAD portal. From managing your courses to connecting with professors and staying informed about campus life, MySCAD login is your trusted companion. Get ready to explore, create, and thrive!

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