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Menomadin Foundation – Where the capital steers social impact


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Driven with the vision and compassion towards generating social impact that benefits society, enhances prosperity, and empowers people, the Menomadin Foundation has all its endeavors to ensure a greater impact on society.

The Menomadin Foundation was established to comprehend and promote the social impact across the world depending on the resourceful thinking of the right tools to achieve UN Sustainable Developmental Goals.

Rethinking the possible ways to propel the world into a better place and future, the impactful resourcing of talent, capabilities, and funds is important. The foundation believes in the creative pooling of all the resources to maximize the impact.

Menomadin’s Blended Finance approach towards social impact
The foundation believes in bringing the best out of capital and business power by blending the power of talent, capital, and expertise. It leverages the capital to generate sustainable, measurable, and long-lasting solutions for the well-being of individuals and communities.

Menomadin Foundation blends strategic philanthropy, cross-sector partnerships, and impact investments to steer up integrated and high-impact development solutions. The foundation nurtures bold ideas and evidence-based mindsets to germinate a hopeful future.
Menomadin’s facets of vision and mission

• Believes in leading by example
Menomadin believes in the potential of a human. The limitless potential and crystallized approach to impact equip the foundation with the power of unraveling brilliance and achieving excellence, therefore taking the lead.

• Recognizes the collective gain of a diverse community
Menomadin recognizes the strength of diversity and hence harnesses the passion for diverse communities to join the table and enhance the network values with partnerships.

• Puts forth Affinity and Empowerment
Menomadin’s perseverance to achieve milestones while empowering society impacts substantial outcomes fromgreat initiatives and welfare projects.

• Fosters methodological theory of change
Menomadin is armed with creativity, and its adherence to the methodological theory of change corollaries scalable impact in the society. The foundation is primed to set in motion the tailor-made, human-centered resourceful solutions perceiving the need of the hour.

Menomadin’s systematic blend of impactful rudiments
The foundation thrives on solving the world’s most imperative challenges by systematically blending strategic philanthropy, impact investments, and cross-sector partnerships, as well as the essentials of social impact.

• Strategic Philanthropy
Steered up by the business-like approach, the Menomadin’s Strategic Philanthropy demarche ensures consistency in advancement towards the milestones and optimal performance of commitments. This rudiment supports various initiatives and welfare programs across the globe, impacting the local community’s growth.

The foundation is initiating philanthropic relationships internationally, empowering millions of children, women, and young adults. Menomadin takes pride in empowering various initiatives to enhance the art, culture, and education worldwide as strategic partners.

• Impact Investments
More of aligning the profit with purpose, Menomadin’s impact investment strategy is propped by unique assets and impact-driven ventures. The foundation fosters and leverages a strong connection to the synergetic network of Israel’s start-up nation, investors, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Its accumulated knowledge and expertise accelerate and distribute tech solutions amongst the partners, and investments in mature start-ups generate an economic gain. The foundation aims to add more value to the network in the impact investment arena and strengthen the ecosystem by identifying the disruptive potential for social impact.

Cross-Sector Partnerships
The foundation is carving its way out through resourceful possibilities of collaboration with the change-makers and promoters in this social impact landscape. Menomadin’s network of global partners enables the foundation to mobilize resources and foster the work of policymakers, ensuring the commitments and aspirations translate into reality.

The foundation identifies the core issues through its entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and crafts. It creates holistic creative, highly developmental, and scalable solutions followed by execution and consigning to local partners.

Take Away
Social impact is the ripple of our specific activity towards the betterment of communities and people. The efforts towards the sustainable developmental goals made by the organizations will create positive economic, environmental, financial, and social impacts on the community, facilitating a quality life for all.

The Menomadin’s endeavors towards a better future is powered by a vision and armed with creativity, thereby accelerating the capital flow and committed evidence-based mindset enabling, scaling, and sustaining a positive and stronger impact on the individuals, communities, and societies.

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