Mastering Personal Branding: Strategies for Visibility and Growth in a Dynamic World

    Working on a personal brand is a blend of practical, proven tools and the unique characteristics of the individual who has decided to become noticeable to their target audience. The skill in applying these tools in a personalized way, taking into account the personal needs and goals of the client, is the expertise sought from a brand promotion specialist.

    Ann Green, CMO at FGC Brand Consulting, commented on why personal branding is important: “An individual who decides to develop in this direction is undoubtedly a vibrant and extraordinary personality, thus largely carving their own path. A client may not fully realize how their views, habits, and traits are already shaping their strategy. As for the tools themselves, things aren’t as straightforward and apparent as they were until recently. In a reality where everything changes so rapidly, the only constant is yourself. In the context of business, this refers to your personal brand. This concept, which remains unchanged for now, encompasses the aggregation of information created in your name, your recognizability, and the reach to your target audience that is already available. It’s a broad concept covering everything from your positioning to your reputation and promotion.”

    A strong personal brand offers stability, including financial, even in times of change. However, for your personal brand to start working for you, initially, you need to invest in it and build its potential for further development. Shaping the desired image in consumers’ minds requires time, patience, and most importantly – knowledge of specific tools.

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    Promoting a personal brand requires expertise in various fields – marketing, copywriting, social media management, working with journalists, strategic planning, online and social media promotion, etc. To ensure all these tasks are executed at a high level during your promotion, consulting with specialists is essential. This is the only way to guarantee results. It’s crucial to choose the right specialist for you – consider reviews and possibly recommendations from acquaintances.

    Vage Zakaryan, Head of Development at Gem Space superapp, advises using various platforms for personal branding: “It’s important to diversify the platforms where you’re active in personal promotion. Some have high competition, while others require significant financial investment. The best approach is to find a balance between convenience and effectiveness. Social networks and superapps have large audiences, and many activities can be done for free. In the Gem Space superapp, you can conduct a wide range of activities for free, from video conferences with clients and partners to managing and promoting your blog.”

    Key Steps in Creating a Personal Brand:

    1. Positioning: Define yourself, your activities, services, and specialty.
    2. Target Audience: Identify those who may be interested in what you do or offer, typically determined by demographic parameters, income level, geographic location, profession, etc.
    3. Content Creation: Develop a content policy concept and prepare a content plan for the first 1-2 months. Success in content creation lies in regularity. Audiences value stability in receiving information.
    4. Promotion of Website, Content, and Social Media Accounts: This increases your subscriber count and website visitors from your target audience, leading to more orders for your services.
    5. Building a Positive Reputation: Monitor and adjust your online presence as needed to shape the desired public image.
    6. Establishing Expertise: Particularly relevant for promoting personal brands in fields like finance, consulting, psychology, advertising, public relations, and many others.
    7. Engaging with Your Audience: Focus on creating a loyal target audience and retaining those attracted through targeted advertising and other promotions. Audiences appreciate attention, timely responses to their questions and comments. It’s often necessary to dedicate a staff member to this task due to the volume of information.

    If you’ve been contemplating starting or advancing your personal brand but have been postponing it, now is the time to revisit this goal. Global changes are revitalizing the market, moving people from their comfort zones, and more people are seeking new and interesting information sources. You could be that source. The key is to take the necessary steps to meet your audience. That’s where personal brand creation specialists come in.

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