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Magical Miami Moments With Exotic Rentals

Packing your bags for the beautiful city of Miami? A great decision, but have you thought about how you will get around the city? You might have public transportation in mind. Well, it’s okay to reach Miami by public transport; but you got so much to do in this coastal metropolis that you ought to have your own vehicle in the city.

If driving all the way to Miami is not your cup of tea, and you prefer public transport, worry not. You can rent a Corvette in Miami.

Renting a car

Some of the most prestigious car rental services are available in Miami. They provide a fleet of luxury cars that would take your heart away. From sleek Lamborghinis to “the fast and the furious” Ferraris, from elegant Corvettes to the magical Rolls Royce, and many more – you are spoilt for choice.

The best part is that you need no line of documents to rent a car here. Simply produce your valid driver’s license and matching insurance, plus a valid credit card.

In case your license and insurance do not match, you must produce an address proof. Make sure you are 21 years older. If not, then you can ask somebody from your family or friends who is the relevant age to rent for you.

Just check the availability of the car model you choose and book online.

With such minimal documentation and a hassle-free renting process, it takes no time to zoom off in one of the most desirable cars in the world.

Benefits of car renting in the city of Miami

  • You can travel independently at your own pace, enjoying every moment of your vacation.
  • With a car, you can visit any place irrespective of whether the place has a facility for transportation.
  • You have no worries about storing luggage.
  • It becomes easier and more fun to travel with kids.
  • You need not wait for a bus or cab and waste time.
  • You can take side trips near Miami. These are only a short drive away. With a rental car, it becomes easier and quicker to reach these amazing destinations.
  • Rent a car and just do your own thing in Miami. Click pictures with the car and create proud memories. Doesn’t it feel cool to talk about how you drove a luxury car around Miami?

Simply search for “nearest exotic car rentals” and come across prestigious names known for their top-rated fleet and competitive prices.

Those extra beautiful moments

Florida Keys

Take the route US-1 South from Miami, and within an hour and a half, you are in the Florida Keys. This bunch of islands is very different from Florida. There are around 113 mangrove-and-sandbar islands that invite you to forget your daily life and bask in the glory of nature. The fantastic view of the sun ‘melting’ into the green mangroves touches your soul.

Orlando’s Theme Parks

As you go about brandishing your luxury car, turn towards the Florida Turnpike and head towards the Magic Kingdom. Don’t forget to visit the Cypress Gardens of Old Florida, located in the south. You can create some amazing moments at these destinations, with your rental vehicle increasing the aesthetics of your photographs.

Everglades National Park

When you are tired of the glitzy city life and want to submerge yourself into pristine nature, head to Everglades National Park. It is just a 42-minute drive if you take the MacArthur Causeway to FL-907 N from Miami.

The alligators’ backs popping out of the still waters of the Glades, the huge flap of the blue heron, and the stunning serenity of the place will rejuvenate you.

Folks, Glades isn’t a swamp, as most people believe. It’s an incredibly slow-moving river, moving just an inch or two in 24 hours.

As you lose yourself in the tranquility, chances are you may lose track of time too.

But hey, you ought to return the rental car in time!

Or maybe you could extend the renting period by paying before the time period gets over. Mind you, if you do not pay for the extension, the system will trigger a vehicle shut down until the next business day. You may be left stranded with the alligators! So, be alert for your rental return time.

Biscayne National Park

Just east of Everglades is Biscayne National Park. With your own vehicle, you can easily visit both parks on the weekend. Being the biggest marine park in the US, Biscayne has lots to offer to tourists. This is a staggering 300-square mile park, which boasts the third biggest reef stretch in the world and the longest stretch of mangrove forest on the east coast.

In fact, the very benefit of contacting exotic car rental in Miami is to explore such unique places. You can easily drive to these destinations and take your own time to enjoy the moments. With an extension option available to you, you can effortlessly extend your rental period.

Isn’t this wonderful?

The Space Center

Feeling more adventurous? Want to experience something different and wilder than alligators? Well, head to the Space Coast that harbors the Space Center. Although it is a 4-hour drive from Miami via the Florida Turnpike and I-95 North, it is worth it.

The coast boasts one of the most pristine beaches in Florida and some of the premium observation programs for sea turtles. You can surf adventurously at Cocoa Beach.

The Space Center is sprawled in 10,000 acres. The remaining area is a wildlife refuge protected by the Federal Government.

These are only a few examples of the amazing destinations located nearby Miami. Florida is a haven for vacationers. Do you know you can also find an exotic car rental in Miami Beach, Florid


Traveling in a luxury car is an altogether different experience. As you step outside your posh vehicle, you carry an air of sophistication. People look at you. It makes for some unforgettable moments.

So, what are you waiting for? Rent a car today. Visit www.blustreetmiami.com now for more information.


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