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Know More about the Construction Machinery You Need

Plant hire is beneficial for construction projects. The services of plant hire firms actually extend to other sectors. Agricultural companies need them. Manufacturing companies also use heavy machinery. Even some event organisers need heavy machinery occasionally. Hiring heavy construction equipment ensures the fast completion of the groundwork.

There are several types of heavy equipment used for small and large-scale purposes. According to experts in plant hire in Birmingham, you can divide them into four categories.

  1. Construction vehicles
  2. Construction equipment
  3. Material handling equipment
  4. Earth-moving equipment

There is earth-moving equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. Tippers, tankers, trailers, and dumpers are typical construction vehicles.

Material handling equipment includes cranes, conveyors, forklifts, and hoists. Several types of machinery fall under the construction equipment category, like road rollers, compactors, pavers, and concrete mixers. Most successful construction businesses like ADP Group LTD own all of this equipment.

Descriptions of different construction equipment

Are you aware that there is a long list of construction equipment? There are about 28 different types, and each one has a unique classification according to brand, type, purpose, and techniques. Here are a few of them.


It is standard equipment in any construction project. An excavator has a cab, bucket, dipper, and boom. These parts are on top of a rotating platform (house) that can do a 360-degree rotation. You use an excavator for digging trenches, demolition tasks, moving large objects, site grading, and rail construction.

Backhoe loader

A backhoe is like a tractor with an adjustable shovel in front and a small bucket at its back. It is an ideal machine for minor jobs where the space is limited. You can use a backhoe to dig trenches, move dirt, back-fill, and put small pipes into place. Since a backhoe loader has tyres, you can use it in urban areas.


A bulldozer is very reliable and powerful heavy equipment. Its primary purpose is to move dirt over large open land. A bulldozer’s blade pushes the dirt away from the construction area. The machine’s ripper is at its back. The ripper breaks up rocks, hard ground, and gravel, which the blade can move to another location. Its tracks enable the machine to work on tough terrain.

Skid-steer loader

This is another versatile machine that’s suitable for smaller projects. You use a skid-steer loader to dig and move building or landscaping materials. It includes different attachments to help you do various tasks, like excavation, debris removal, and demolition.

Boom lift

This machine is a kind of aerial platform used to get workers to work on elevated parts of a project. It has a bucket that can carry one or two workers at a time. The machine uses a hydraulic lift system to lift the bucket.


When you need to dig narrow trenches for cables and piping, create channels and ditches, this is the machine you need. It may be small, but this is a powerful tool. It has a heavy steel chain that can cut into the ground and cut through other things like dirt, smaller pieces of rocks, and tree roots. A trencher comes in various sizes and capacities. It looks like a huge chain saw with wheels.

Make sure that you work with a reputable plant hire company so you can hire the new models of heavy machinery to help your workers complete the tasks quickly and efficiently.

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