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Kalashtar 5e Everything You Need To Know About This Unique Race

If you’re looking for a truly unique race to play in your Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game, the Kalashtar is an excellent choice. Kalashtar 5e are a hybrid race — part human and part quori, an evil spirit from the dream plane of Dal Quor. The combination of these two races gives Kalashtar characters some interesting physical and mental traits, as well as special powers. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about playing a Kalashtar character in your 5th Edition game. From racial bonuses and features to their unique history and culture, read on to discover all the details about this fascinating race!

What is Kalashtar?

Kalashtar are a unique race of psionic humanoids native to the continent of Sarlona on the planet Eberron. They are distinguished from other humanoids by their dual minds, which are actually two consciousnesses inhabiting one body. One mind is that of the creature’s original soul, while the other is that of a quori spirit from the Plane of Dreams. This symbiotic relationship gives kalashtar great psychic power and insight into the hearts and minds of others.

Kalashtar 5e  were once slaves of the daelkyr, powerful extraplanar creatures that conquered Sarlona in ancient times. The daelkyr corrupt and twist all they touch, but the quori spirits resisted their attempts to break them. In doing so, they learned much about the nature of dreams and Psychic energy. When the daelkyr were finally driven back to their own plane, the kalashtar were able to use their knowledge to build a society based on peace and cooperation.

Nowadays, kalashtar are found in small enclaves throughout Sarlona, as well as in Khorvaire, where they have become popular (if somewhat mysterious) members of society. They often use their psychic powers to help others achieve their goals, or simply to make life more interesting. Kalashtar are also known for their prophetic dreams, which have helped avert disasters on more than one occasion.

History of the Kalashtar

The Kalashtar is a unique and fascinating race with a long and complicated history. They are native to the continent of Khorvaire, and their homeland is the island nation of Adar. They are also gifted with psychic abilities, which they use to protect themselves from the quori’s influence. The Kalashtar are gentle and compassionate by nature, but they are also fierce warriors when necessary.

The Kalashtar have always been marginalized people, and they have suffered greatly at the hands of those who do not understand them. However, they continue to fight for survival and to build a better future for themselves and for all those who would suffer under the yoke of tyranny.

The Kalashtar’s Connection to the Dream Plane

The Kalashtar are a unique race of humanoids that are native to the plane of Dal Quor. They have a strong connection to the Dream Plane, which allows them to tap into the power of dreams and use it to their advantage.

The Kalashtar were once a proud and prosperous people, but they were forced to flee their homeland when the quori invaded Dal Quor. The quori are evil spirits that seek to enslave all life in the material world, and the Kalashtar are one of the few races that can stand against them.
Kalashtar 5e
The Kalashtar have since made a new home on the Material Plane, but they still maintain a strong connection to their lost homeland. This connection manifests itself in their ability to tap into the power of dreams.

The Kalashtar use their connection to the Dream Plane to fight against the quori and those who would do them harm. They also use it to help others achieve their goals and bring peace and prosperity to the world.

The Kalashtar’s Psychic Abilities

The Kalashtar are a unique race of humanoids who are born with psychic abilities. These abilities allow them to communicate with each other and the world around them in ways that other races cannot. The Kalashtar also have the ability to enter into a trance-like state, during which they can astral project their consciousnesses into the Astral Plane.

Psychic abilities are not limited to communication and trancing, however. Kalashtar also have significant powers of precognition and telepathy. Their precognitive abilities allow them to see glimpses of the future, while their telepathic powers enable them to read the thoughts of others. Kalashtar also have some measure of control over their dreams, and can use this power to influence the events of the dream world.

The Kalashtar’s Physical Characteristics

The Kalashtar are a unique and strange race, with several physical characteristics that set them apart from other races. For one, they have no pupils in their eyes, instead having large, dark irises. They also have two small horns on their forehead, and their skin is a pale blue color. Finally, they are taller and thinner than most other races, and have long, prehensile tails.

The Kalashtar’s Culture and Society

The Kalashtar are a unique race of psionic humanoids native to the continent of Adar on the planet Sarlona. They are known for their spiritual and mental purity, as well as their great wisdom and serenity. The Kalashtar were once a peaceful people who lived in harmony with the natural world around them. However, they were forced to flee their homeland when the quori, an evil race of psionic creatures, invaded and conquered it. The Kalashtar have since settled in Khorvaire, where they have formed their own culture and society.

The Kalashtar are a spiritual people who believe in the philosophy of Oneness. This belief states that all beings are connected and that there is no such thing as separation. The Kalashtar strive to live in harmony with others and with the natural world around them. They are known for their compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Kalashtar place great importance on relationships and family bonds.

The Kalashtar value knowledge highly and believe that education is crucial for both individuals and society as a whole. They place great importance on learning and constantly strive to better themselves mentally and spiritually. The Kalashtar also value art highly, believing that it has the power to enlighten

Playing a Kalashtar in D&D 5e

Kalashtar is a unique race of psionic humanoids originating from the plane of Dal Quor. They are known for their wisdom and compassion, as well as their great mental and psionic abilities. Kalashtar was first introduced in the Eberron campaign setting and later appeared in the 5th edition Player’s Handbook.

Kalashtar have the following racial traits:

Ability Score Increase: Wisdom +2, Charisma +1

Age: Kalashtar matures at the same rate as humans but can live to be over 200 years old.

Alignment: Most kalashtar are good-aligned, with a strong tendency toward lawfulness.

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 feet

Darkvision: Thanks to their connection to the quori spirits, kalashtar can see in darkness as though it were dim light.

Dual Minded: Kalashtar have two consciousnesses—their own, and that of the quori spirit that shares their body. This gives them resistance to being charmed or frightened. It also means that they can’t be put to sleep by magic. However, they still need to rest for 8 hours each day, during which time their quori spirit is in control of their body (see below).


Kalashtar 5e is a unique and fascinating race that can open up many interesting role-playing possibilities. As you can see, there are numerous benefits of choosing to play as one of these characters. Whether it’s for the bonus knowledge or your character’s enhanced mental powers, Kalashtar 5e is sure to provide an exciting experience. So if you’re looking for something different from your usual gaming session, why not explore this unique race and see what adventures await?

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