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How to use social media for online business growth

Social media marketing is a great business strategy to increase the audience visiting the website. So what are the strategic plans to increase social marketing effectively?

Social media is about how effectively you can engage people and get social by increasing the number of followers or subscribers. The higher audience on your page is one of the important metrics to help you with a higher engagement rate over time. For this, you need to pay close attention to strategic planning.  And that’s the first point on our list.


Getting started on a social media platform for business purposes is easy. These apps are easy to use and do not cost anything to set up an account or post your information.

But to attract the right kind of audience that helps in your business growth, you need to have clear planning. Set a clear goal on what your achievement should be or the return of investment of your time and energy in social media. The goals should have a real impact on the business, such as acquire potential customers and increasing the conversion rate.

Research and audit

When you plan the goal in your mind, do a competitive analysis and research about how well other businesses are doing in social media. Learn about the competitor techniques and the strategies they are using to enhance social media marketing. You of course do not have to copy what they are doing, but the research will help in your learning and a better understanding of the social media world.

Another marketing strategy is to conduct audits to evaluate your existence on social media.

Content creation

When you create content for social media, keep in the mind 80-20 rule. 80% of the content should be informative and entertaining content to help your audience get engaged in the social media site and 20% should be to promote your business website or sell the products.  Use social media calendar to organise your activities in social media. It also helps to gives an overview of all your upcoming social media posts. It helps in posting the right content to various social media sites at the right time.

Use online business directories

When you are doing a business online and set up a social media site for marketing, it is important to get your appearance by listing in the business directories. Your information such as business name, location, contact details, website address and social media sites can be listed in the business directories. Click here to know how to take your business online. A business directory will increase your business appearance significantly.

The benefit of social media marketing especially for small businesses is that it allows you to get in direct contact with your customers and followers. Social media is the platform that helps you to build relationships over time and retaining customers to increase sales of your products. Through active regular engagement, you can easily build trust and form a loyal following of potential customers.

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