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How to Reset Gmail Password?

If you are wondering how to reset your Gmail password, then you probably were the one who made the mistake of disclosing your email address when making an attempt to update Gmail account. This might have been a good thing, but if you did so, you spoiled all the important data on your account. This means that if anyone uses your email address to try and sign up for any new accounts, they will not be able to do so. There is hope, however, in the form of using the Google apps for this purpose.

The Google apps are extensions to the Gmail service itself, and use a unique ID to sign in and log you in. Once you have made the decision to change the password, you can go into the ‘account settings’ section, and from there, you will be able to click on ‘Change Gmail password’. You will find that you have three different choices: ‘New Gmail’, ‘Reset Gmail’, and ‘Remove Gmail’. Each has its own purposes. We will discuss the changes that you can make each step in this article.

Create new Gmail Password

To start, let’s talk about the ‘New Gmail’ option. This is the easiest option. All you have to do is follow the instructions above to change the account type, choose a new Gmail account ID, fill in the new address and verification details and you’re done. You will, of course, need to create a new password to protect your account in the case that someone else gets a hold of the password you’ve reset.

Reset Gmail password

Now let’s talk about the ‘Reset Gmail password’ option. This option, when used, will completely change the password of your account. This process is very similar to changing your password on any other site or service that uses the Gmail service. All you have to do is browse to the section where you would normally enter the email address of your account (not your Google account). You will see a link to ‘Change Gmail password‘, which is currently active.

Next Step

Click on this link and fill in the information requested. Some things you may want to change are the primary email address, email provider, and the domain name. If you don’t know what these things are, don’t worry. Your account manager should explain everything to you.

When all of this is completed, you are then able to log into your account. You will be asked to change your password and re-enter all of your various settings. It’s fairly simple. If you haven’t used your account in some time, it may take a few minutes to get everything changed. But once done, it will be like you never had that account at all!

Hopefully now your question of how to reset Gmail password? is now answered. Just remember not to give out your Google account. If you have ever tried to log into it, you probably know how difficult it can be.

Protect your Gmail Account

The best way to protect yourself from having to ask “How to reset Gmail password?” is to use an email account that is completely different from your primary one. This way, if you ever need access to your primary one, you already know you have an alternative. You can go to Google and search for different email accounts that you can use. In many cases, all you have to do is change the account type to the one you are most comfortable with. Changing your Google account password is not the most exciting thing you will ever do, but it’s always better than asking “how to reset Gmail password!”

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