How to make money with emails


    Using modern technologies to grow a business doesn’t seem as surprising as it did a few years ago. The world demands changes that help to contact customers at a distance. Mass mailing does an excellent job for this. 

    Online marketing is a modern way to deliver information about products and services to a huge number of consumers. It takes a minimum of effort to create a mailing list, since it is just enough to create a personal base of contacts and provide advantageous offers.

    Making money using modern tools is much easier than it used to be. Create an effective advertising campaign and share useful information with your target audience, who will appreciate your efforts.

    Types of mailings

    Interaction with the target audience will be effective if the company will use different types of mails. It’s not profitable to send out only advertising, because it’s a one-way ticket. It is necessary to be smart and create several types of mails.

    Emails are good because brands can provide more than just text information. Use beautiful images and offer to get acquainted with the product features on your website. Show your flexibility and try to get customers interested in your offers.

    The most popular types of bulk emails are:

    1. Selling ones. These are the most common options for communicating with customers. Tell about upcoming promotions and sales that will interest the recipient. Personalized offers can also catch the attention of customers.
    2. Content ones. The newsletter must necessarily include useful information for the reader. If you’re selling clothes, tell me about combination options. If your goal is to provide services, you should provide useful information about them.
    3. Motivating ones. Keep track of your customers’ purchases and suggest updates to your product line. Almost any occasion can be considered as the subject of an email: adding products to the “Favorites” list, a sale of interesting items, and much more.

    Get creative and create occasions at different times. Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe option and increase your chances of hitting the right target. Unread emails will be unanswered or risk ending up in the «Spam» folder.

    Attracting the customer’s attention is much easier than it seemed in the beginning. Control the customer’s actions and offer to make a repeat purchase or complement the product with a second product. Convince the recipient to revisit your catalog and you will be able to get a new fan of your brand.

    How to organize a newsletter effectively

    Creating an advertising campaign requires research into the needs of the target audience. To do this, you can use not only market research but also the past experiences of your customers. Keep a record of purchases (or service orders) and offer to re-examine the catalog.

    In addition, the attention to detail will capture the attention of the recipient and will be the reason for increased interest in the brand. Keep in mind that a great offer is not always enough. Often, the email sender needs to prepare thoroughly for the campaign.

    Buyers are happy to respond to emails that seem unconventional and sincere. To that end, use a few tricks:

    1. Personalized content. Addressing by name is the first step and offering to buy the right product will be the second one.
    2. Tracking emails. Make sure that the mailing has been opened and read. If not, it is worth changing tactics and checking for the open rate.
    3. Drip mailing. A constant reminder about your company will be the reason that will increase the conversion.

    Keep your contact database up to date, because without proper control of the situation, there is a high chance of finishing on the list of undesirable senders. Keep in touch with your customers and take their opinions into account. Create surveys and use the email list management tool to improve efficiency.

    Optimize your processes and seize the opportunity to improve the results. By following the recommendations, it will be possible to restore the reputation as an attentive service (product) provider and earn the trust of customers. The target audience will appreciate the attention and support their favorite brand.

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