How to Keep Your Hotspot Shield Safe and Secure.

How to Keep Your Hotspot Shield Safe and Secure.

Introduction to Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a piece of software that you need to install on your computer. When you run Hotspot Shield, it scans your system for all the IP addresses that it can ping (connect) to, and it sets up a point of connection for you so that you can run a virtual private network (VPN). Hotspot Shield does all the hard work of setting up a VPN so you can hide your identity while you browse the web anonymously.

On many of the popular web browsers, Hotspot Shield can be added in to the toolbar or menu system, but in order to take advantage of the VPN service, you need to install Hotspot Shield on your computer first.

When you’re finished installing the software, you’re going to need to register your PC with Hotspot Shield.

How to use Hotspot Shield

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Hotspot Shield (HTP) is a free and easy way to keep your child or teenager safe online. The service works by installing the HotspotShield parental control software on a PC and remotely monitoring the websites and activity of your child’s PC when it is logged into the web browser or smartphone app. It has a highly detailed reports to keep track of how your child is using the internet and even delivers notifications when the child tries to visit a dangerous site or makes a purchase online. The free version does not include the live chat and email support. However, there is a free version as well.

How to keep your Hotspot Shield safe and secure

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