How to Find a Manufacturer: The Basics Explained

How to Find a Manufacturer: The Basics Explained

Did you know that there are around 10 million manufacturers in the world? This may make you believe that it is impossible to find the right factory for your company. However, with the right advice, you can find the perfect manufacturer for your product needs.

Read on to learn the basics of how to find a manufacturer.

Know What You Want to Sell

The only way to understand how to find a manufacturer is by knowing what you want to sell. What is your product idea and how will it look and function?

Because there are different types of manufacturing, the best way to find the right one is by having your product already designed. You could also have a prototype in the works that will help you make the right decision. Without a design laid out, you could lose money when you choose a manufacturer.

Overseas vs. Domestic

You should be familiar with the types of manufacturers, overseas and domestic. This is important to consider when you are finding a manufacturer because it depends on if you want to produce your product abroad or in the United States.

Abroad manufacturing generally refers to Asian countries. This is an attractive option because the manufacturing costs are lower in those countries. However, you could also find low-cost manufacturing in Africa, Eastern Europe, or Latin America.

The type of product you want to produce may restrict you from manufacturing in a certain location. Using a cheaper manufacturer is not always the best option for some products.

Along with low-manufacturing costs, the pros of overseas manufacturing include there being more manufacturers to choose from. The cons of overseas manufacturing are:

  • Lower quality products
  • Cultural barriers
  • Expensive and difficult to go to the manufacturing site
  • Expensive shipping that takes longer
  • Less security
  • Tricky custom and importation laws
  • Lower labor and ethical standards
  • Less oversight

In contrast, the cons of domestic manufacturing include:

  • Higher manufacturing costs
  • Less manufactures to choose from
  • Limited options for products

The pros of domestic manufacturing are:

  • Higher-quality manufacturing
  • Better communication
  • Easier to visit on-site
  • Manufacturer verifications
  • Faster and more affordable shipping
  • Improved labor and ethical standards
  • Increased marketing appeal

These are the most important considerations you have to make before diving deeper into choosing a manufacturer.

How to Find a Manufacturer

Whether you are looking for OEM manufacturing or trading companies, the easiest way to find what you are looking for is by checking online supplier directories. Directories give you the luxury to search through different profiles and are usually reviewed and vetted.

Another answer to how to find a manufacturer is by getting referrals from connections you may have in the field. You could also take advantage of forums and social media to find manufacturer information.

Get Your Product Out There

A manufacturer could make or break your company which is why it is important to choose the right one. After considering the product you want to sell and whether or not you want to ship overseas or domestically, you are ready to begin the search. Use our guide on how to find a manufacturer to help you make the right choice.

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